1. A history of Western architecture - David Watkin 2015

    Book Required

  2. Noah's ark: essays on architecture - Hubert Damisch, Anthony Vidler, Julie Rose 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended

  3. Tutorials and Tutorial Activities Assessment 15 items
    1. Pages 155-157: Ornament - Leon Battista Alberti 1988

      Chapter Required

    2. Pages 183-188: Ornament - Leon Battista Alberti 1988

      Chapter Required

    3. Chapter 1: The Painterly style - Heinrich Wolfflin 1966

      Chapter Required

    4. Renaissance and baroque - Heinrich Wölfflin, Peter Murray 1966

      Book Required Read pp.44-57: Massiveness. High Use copy held in Central Library.

    5. Pages 9-19: Introduction - Anthony Blunt 1978

      Chapter Required

    6. Pages 47-63: Preface - Claude Perrault 1993

      Chapter Required

    7. The Stones of Venice: Volume II - John Ruskin 2009

      Book Required Read: Volume II Chapter 6 The Second or Gothic period" pp. 151-230.

  4. Essay Topic 38 items
    1. Changing ideals in modern architecture, 1750-1950 - Peter Collins c1998 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Read Chapters 4-13: Revivalism

    2. Modern architecture: representation & reality - Neil Levine 2009

      Book Recommended Read Pages 45-74: The appearance of truth and the truth of appearance in laugier's Primitive Hut and Pages 115-148: Pugin, Labrouste and the New Realism of Decorated Construction. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    3. Pugin - Phoebe B. Stanton, Nikolaus Pevsner 1971

      Book Recommended Read Pages 79-124: True Principles, Contrasts

    4. The stones of Venice. Volume I - John Ruskin, J. G. Links 1985

      Book Recommended

    5. The stones of Venice: Volume II - John Ruskin, J. G. Links 2013

      Book Recommended

    6. The stones of Venice: Volume III - John Ruskin, J. G. Links 2013

      Book Recommended

    7. On the art of building in ten books - Leon Battista Alberti 1988

      Book Recommended Read pages 154‐188: Book Six and pp.244‐290: Book Eight. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    8. Architectural design 1979

      Journal Recommended Read Joseph Rykwert, "Inheritance or Tradition", pp.2-6; Cecil Grayson, "Leonis Baptiste Alberti", pp.7-17; and Hubert Damisch, "The column and the wall", pp.18-25. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    9. The first moderns: the architects of the eighteenth century - Joseph Rykwert c1980

      Book Recommended Read pages 23-53: Positive and arbitrary and pp.415-503: Truth stripped naked by Philosophy. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    10. An essay on architecture - Marc-Antoine Laugier 1977

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 1: General principles of Architecture and Chapter 4: On the style in which to build churches. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    11. Laugier and eighteenth century French theory - Wolfgang Herrmann, Marc Antoine Laugier 1962

      Book Recommended

    12. The architecture of the French Enlightenment - Allan Braham 1980

      Book Recommended Read Pages 19-82: Part One: Jacques-Germain Soufflot (1713-1780) and His contemporaries. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    13. Chapter 4: Pugin, Labrouste, and the New Realism of Decorated Construction - Neil Levine 2009

      Chapter Recommended For online access to this chapter, see this same reference above on the reading list

    14. Precis of the lectures on architecture: with, Graphic portion of the lectures on architecture - Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand 2000

      Book Recommended Read Pages 73-88. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    15. Theories and history of architecture - Manfredo Tafuri, Giorgio Verrecchia 1980

      Book Recommended Read pp.11-78: Modern Architecture and the eclipse of history (Especially pp.19-24). High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    16. A history of Western architecture - David Watkin 2011

      Book Recommended Read pages 288-289. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    17. Borromini - Anthony Blunt 1979

      Book Recommended

    18. Art and architecture in Italy, 1600-1750 - Rudolf Wittkower, Joseph Connors, Jennifer Montagu 1999

      Book Recommended Read pages 197-230. Borromini. High Use copy held in Central Library.

    19. Modern architectural theory: a historical survey, 1673-1968 - Harry Francis Mallgrave 2005 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Read Pages 93-102: Friedrich Gilly and Karl Friedrich Schinkel

    20. Karl Friedrich Schinkel: a universal man - Michael Snodin, Victoria and Albert Museum 1991

      Book Recommended Read pages 27-35: Schinkel and Durand: the Case of the Altes Museum. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    21. Art and its publics: museum studies at the millennium - Andrew McClellan, Andrew McClellan 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Read chapter 1: A Brief History of the Art Museum Public

    22. Civilizing Rituals: Inside Public Art Museums - Carol Duncan 1995 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 2: From the Prince;y Gallery to the Public Art Museum

    23. The Birth of the Museum: History, Theory, Politics - Tony Bennett 1995 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Especially Part 1: History & Theory

    24. Designing the V & A: the museum as a work of art (1857-1909) - Julius Bryant 2017

      Book Recommended

    25. Sir John Soane's Museum, London - Stefan Buzas, Richard Bryant 1994

      Book Recommended

    26. The civilizing process - Norbert Elias 1978-

      Book Recommended Vol.1 and 2

    27. A history of private life - Paul Veyne, Georges Duby, Philippe Aries 1987-

      Book Recommended Read volume 3: Passions of the Renaissance. High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    28. The complete works of Robert and James Adam - David N. King 1991

      Book Recommended

  5. General Reference 30 items
    1. The Ducal Palace of Urbino: its architecture and decoration - Pasquale Rotondi 1969

      Book Recommended

    2. Charles Garnier's Paris opera: architectural empathy and the renaissance of French classicism - Christopher Mead, Architectural History Foundation c1991

      Book Recommended

    3. The life and work of John Nash, architect - John Summerson 1980

      Book Recommended

    4. The modern city: planning in the 19th century - Francoise Choay 1969

      Book Recommended

    5. Translations from drawing to building - Robin Evans c1997

      Book Recommended Read: "Figures, doors and passages", Also "The developed Surface". High Use copy held in Architecture and Music Library.

    6. Heavenly mansions and other essays on architecture - John Summerson 1998

      Book Recommended

    7. The architecture of Michelangelo - James S. Ackerman, John Newman 1986

      Book Recommended

    8. On ugliness - Umberto Eco, Alastair McEwen 2011

      Book Recommended

    9. History of beauty - Umberto Eco, Alastair McEwan 2005

      Book Recommended

    10. Ordonnance for the five kinds of columns after the method of the ancients - Claude Perrault 1993

      Book Recommended Read pages 47-63: Preface and pp.166-175: Part 2, Chapter VIII.

    11. Baroque & Rococo architecture & decoration - Anthony Blunt 1978

      Book Recommended

    12. A global history of architecture - Francis D. K. Ching, Mark Jarzombek, Vikramaditya Prakash 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    13. Victorian architecture: with a short dictionary of architects and 251 illustrations - Roger Dixon, Stefan Muthesius 1978

      Book Recommended

    14. Words and buildings: a vocabulary of modern architecture - Adrian Forty 2000

      Book Recommended

    15. A history of architectural theory: from Vitruvius to the present - Hanno-Walter Kruft 1994

      Book Recommended

    16. Neoclassical and 19th century architecture - Robin Middleton, David Watkin 1980

      Book Recommended

    17. The architecture of the Italian Renaissance - Peter Murray 1986

      Book Recommended

    18. A history of building types - Nikolaus Pevsner 1976

      Book Recommended

    19. The classical language of architecture - John Summerson, British Broadcasting Corporation 1980

      Book Recommended

    20. Architectural principles in the age of humanism - Rudolf Wittkower 1988

      Book Recommended

    21. Figures, doors and passages - Robin Evans 1978

      Article Recommended

    22. Pages 73-76: Preface - Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand 2000

      Chapter Recommended

    23. Pages 77-88: Introduction - Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand 2000

      Chapter Recommended

    24. Aspects of the eighteenth century - Earl Reeves Wasserman 1965

      Book Recommended

  6. Past Central Exam Papers 1 item
    1. Past Central Exam Papers

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