1. Teaching community: a pedagogy of hope - Bell Hooks 2013 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 4: Democratic Education

  2. Controversies in education: Orthodoxy and heresy in policy and practice 2015

    Book Required Read Pages 181-197: Markets all around: defending education in a neoliberal time

  3. Student protests show Australian education does get some things right - Jacquie Tinkler December 6, 2018 10.40am AEDTDecember 6, 2018 10.40am AEDT

    Article Required

  4. Introduction to research methods and report writing: a practical guide for students and researchers in social sciences and the humanities - Elia Shabani Mligo 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read chapter 1: Meaning and importance of research

  5. A Companion to Research in Education 2014 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read pages 391-400: Evidence Based Practice in Education: Between Science and Democracy

  6. Encountering education in the global: the selected works of Fazal Rizvi - Fazal Rizvi 2014 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 9: Rethinking educational aims in an era of globalization

  7. Between the nation and the globe: education for global mindedness in Finland - Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Gert Biesta, Cash Ahenakew 2015

    Article Required

  8. “Multiliteracies”: New Literacies, New Learning - Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis 06/08/2009

    Article Required

  9. The handbook of global education policy 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 14: The politics of language in education in a global polity

  10. The handbook of global education policy 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Pages 1-20: Introduction

  11. Teaching to transgress: education as the practice of freedom - Bell Hooks 1994

    Book Required Read Pages 1-12: Introduction and Chapter 1: Engaged Pedagogy

  12. Educational theories, cultures and learning: a critical perspective - Harry Daniels, Hugh Lauder, Jill Porter 2009 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 1.1: Pedagogy, culture and the power of comparison

  13. Culturally responsive teaching in a globalized world - Christopher De Luca, Louis Volante, Don A. Klinger January 24, 2019 7.44 am

    Article Required

  14. Education feminism: classic and contemporary readings - Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, Katharine M. Sprecher 2013 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 26: Cold Case: Reopening the file on tolerance in teaching and learning across difference.

  15. Teaching critical thinking: practical wisdom - Bell Hooks 2010

    Book Required Read Chapter 1: Critical thinking and Chapter 4: Decolonization

  16. The Routledge international handbook of critical education - Michael W. Apple, Wayne Au, Luís Armando Gandin 2009 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Pages 1-20: Introduction; Chapter 8: Race still matters: Critical race theory in Education

  17. The SAGE handbook of gender and education - Christine Skelton, Becky Francis, Lisa Smulyan 2006 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 31: Gendered classroom experiences

  18. Intersectionality in educational research - Susan R. Jones 2015 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Pages 1-16: Introduction

  19. Changing schools: alternative ways to make a world of difference - Terry Wrigley, Bob Lingard, Pat Thomson 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Chapter 1: Reimaging school change: The necessity and reasons for hope

  20. Evaluating the Roles of Technology in the Global Read Aloud Project - Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Julie Ellison Justice 02/10/2017

    Article Required

  21. A 21st-century higher education: training for jobs of the future - Belinda Probert, Shirley Alexander October 1, 2015 5.42am AEST

    Article Required

  22. Contesting and constructing international perspectives in global education 2015

    Book Recommended Read Pages 27-41: One size fits All? Global education for differen educational audiences.

  23. Is policy on Indigenous education deliberately being stalled? - Melitta Hogarth June 8, 2017 6.12am AESTJune 8, 2017 6.12am AEST

    Article Recommended

  24. The impact of high stakes testing: the Australian story - Val Klenowski, Claire Wyatt-Smith 2012

    Article Recommended

  25. Freedom research in education: becoming an autonomous researcher - Karen McArdle 2018

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 8: Ethical education and research

  26. The SAGE handbook for research in education: engaging ideas and enriching inquiry - Clifton Conrad, Ronald C. Serlin c2006 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read pages 6-21: Muddying the waters: the many purposes of educational inquiry

  27. Renaming English: does the world language need a new name? - Stewart Riddle June 12, 2013 6.32am AEST

    Article Recommended

  28. Understanding sociological theory for educational practices - Tania Ferfolja, Criss Jones-Diaz, Jacqueline Ullman 2018

    Book Recommended Read Pages 196-211: Reflections on language and literacy: recognising what young people know and can do. High Use copy held in Central Library. Copyright Act prevents online access

  29. The handbook of global education policy 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 7: The Global Educational Reform Movement and Its Impact on Schooling and Chapter 25: Rational Intentions and Unintended Consequences: On the Interplay between International and National Actors in Education Policy

  30. Integrating curriculum: a case study of teaching Global Education - Kate Ferguson-Patrick, Ruth Reynolds, Suzanne Macqueen 15/03/2018

    Article Recommended

  31. The handbook of educational theories - Beverly J. Irby c2013 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 89: Social Justice in Education: A theoretical overview

  32. Development Education in Policy and Practice 2014 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read pages 21-31: Soft versus critical global citizenship education

  33. The Routledge international handbook of critical education - Michael W. Apple, Wayne Au, Luís Armando Gandin 2009 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 35: Orientalism, the west and non-west binary, and postcolonial perspectives in cross-cultural research and education

  34. The SAGE handbook of gender and education - Christine Skelton, Becky Francis, Lisa Smulyan 2006 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 24: Compounding inequalities: gender and class in education

  35. Teaching critical thinking: practical wisdom - Bell Hooks 2010

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 4: Decolonization.

  36. Recommended Resources for Academic Writing Skills 3 items
    1. Writing for academic success - Gail Craswell, Megan Poore 2012

      Book Recommended

    2. Academic writing for graduate students: essential tasks and skills - John M. Swales, Christine B. Feak c2012

      Book Recommended

    3. Critical reading and writing for postgraduates - Mike Wallace, Alison Wray 2011

      Book Recommended

  37. Past Central Exam Papers 1 item
    1. Past Central Exam Papers

      Webpage  Follow the link and search for past exam papers by course code.