1. Epistemologies of the South: justice against epistemicide - Boaventura de Sousa Santos 2016 (electronic resource)

    Book Required

  2. Disciplining the savages, savaging the disciplines - Martin Nakata 2007 (electronic resource)

    Book Required

  3. Decolonizing methodologies: research and indigenous peoples - Linda Tuhiwai Smith 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read Introduction

  4. Art in the time of colony - Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Philippa Levine, John Marriott 2014 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read chapters 4 and 5

  5. Aimé Césaire, the collected poetry - Aimé Césaire, Clayton Eshleman, Annette Smith ©1983

    Book Recommended

  6. Towards a new research agenda? - Aileen Moreton-Robinson 12/2006

    Article Recommended

  7. Tales from the heart: true stories from my childhood - Maryse Condé 2001

    Book Recommended

  8. Caribbean discourse: selected essays - Édouard Glissant 1989

    Book Recommended

  9. Borderlands: the new mestiza = La frontera - Gloria Anzaldua 1987

    Book Recommended

  10. The wretched of the earth - Frantz Fanon 1967

    Book Recommended

  11. Dead giveaways: indigenous testaments of colonial Mesoamerica and the Andes - Susan Kellogg, Matthew Restall ©1998 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended

  12. Encyclopedia of critical psychology - Thomas Teo 2014

    Book Recommended Read: Colonization

  13. World-systems analysis: theory and methodology - Terence K. Hopkins, Immanuel Wallerstein 1982

    Book Recommended

  14. Uprootings/regroundings: questions of home and migration - Sara Ahmed, Ebooks Corporation 2003 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read pp.23-41: I still call Australia Home: Indigenous belonging and place in White Postcolonizing Society

  15. Discourse on Colonialism: A poetics of Anticolonialism - D. G. Kelly, Aime Cesaire 2000

    Book Recommended Read: Cesaire, A. Discourse on Colonialism

  16. On the Coloniality of Being - Nelson Maldonado-Torres 2007

    Article Recommended

  17. Theorizing Native Studies - Audra Simpson, Andrea Smith 2014 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read pp.149-187: Making peoples into populations: The Racial limits of Tribal Sovereignty

  18. Black skin, white masks - Frantz Fanon 2008 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read chapter 1

  19. The post-colonial critic: interviews, strategies, dialogues - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Sarah Harasym 1990 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended

  20. Aboriginal peoples, colonialism and international law: raw law - Irene Watson 2015 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 2: Kaldowinyeri pp.12-23

  21. In Praise of Creoleness - Jean Bernabé, Patrick Chamoiseau, Raphaël Confiant, Mohamed B. Taleb Khyar 23/1990

    Article Recommended

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