1. A mathematician's lament - P. Lockhart 2009

    Document Required

  2. Calculus: Newton meets technology - P.W. Thompson, M. Ashbrook 2016

    Book Required

  3. Workshop statistics: discovery with data - Allan J. Rossman, Beth L. Chance 2011, c2012

    Book Required

  4. Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education - Stephen Hegedus, Colette Laborde, Corey Brady, Sara Dalton 2017 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended

  5. Factors that influence secondary mathematics teachers' integration of technology in mathematics lessons - Allison W. McCulloch, Karen Hollebrands, Hollylynne Lee, Taylor Harrison 08/2018

    Article Recommended

  6. MERGA36 - 2013: mathematics education : yesterday, today and tomorrow : proceedings of the 36th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia - Vicki Steinle, Lynda Ball, Caroline Bardini, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia. Conference 2013

    Proceedings Recommended Read pp.426-433: Mathematics Education. Is there an App for that?

  7. Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education 2018 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read pp.521-540: Constructing dynamic geometry: insights from a study of teaching practices in English schools

  8. What is the name of this book?: the riddle of Dracula and other logical puzzles - Raymond M. Smullyan 1981, c1978

    Book Recommended

  9. Calculational and conceptual orientations in teaching mathematics. - A. G. Thompson, R. A. Philipp, P. W. Thompson, B. A. Boyd 1994

    Document Recommended

  10. Past Central Exam Papers 1 item
    1. Past Central Exam Papers

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