This list relates to the semester Semester 2 2019 which ended on 31/12/2019
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  1. Second opinion: an introduction to health sociology - John Germov 2019

    Book Required

  2. Second opinion: an introduction to health sociology - John Germov ©2019 (electronic resource)

    Book Required

  3. Social issues in diagnosis: an introduction for students and clinicians - Annemarie Jutel, Kevin Dew 2014

    Book Required

  4. Exploring medical anthropology - Donald Joralemon 2017 (electronic resource)

    Book Required Read chapters 1-2, pp. 1-25.

  5. ‘We don't tell people what to do’: ethical practice and Indigenous health promotion - Karen McPhail-Bell, Chelsea Bond, Mark Brough, Bronwyn Fredericks 2015

    Article Required

  6. Chapter 1: Introduction - Kevin White 2017

    Chapter Required

  7. Relationships of power: implications for interprofessional education - Lindsay Baker, Eileen Egan-Lee, Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis, Scott Reeves 03/2011

    Article Recommended

  8. Masculinities - Raewyn Connell 2005 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended Read Chapter 3: The Social Organization of Maculinity

  9. Past Central Exam Papers 1 item
    1. Past Central Exam Papers

      Webpage  Follow the link and search for past exam papers by course code