1. Domestic animal behaviour and welfare - Donald M. Broom, 1927- Fraser, A. F. (Andrew Ferguson), C.A.B. International 2015

    Book Recommended

  2. An introduction to animal behavior: an integrative approach - Michael J. Ryan, W. Wilczynski 2011

    Book Recommended

  3. Animal play - A. Brownlee 1984-6

    Article Further

  4. Chapter 14: Cat issues - R. W. Murray 1997

    Chapter Further

  5. Cats: are they pets or pests - Rowland, Paul, Meek, Paul 1993

    Article Further

  6. Designing zoos - D. Hancocks 1988

    Article Further

  7. Behavior and Environment: The Use of Space by Animals and Men - Aristide Henri Esser, International Symposium on the Use of Space by Animals and Men, SpringerLink (Online service) 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book Further Read: Dominance and territoriality as complemented in mammalian social structure

  8. Man and wildlife - L. Harrison Matthews 2019

    Book Further Read Chapter 9: Profit and loss: conservation

  9. Attitudes to animals: views in animal welfare - Francine L. Dolins 1999 (electronic resource)

    Book Further Read Chapter 11: Should we let them go

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