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Advanced Agronomy AGRC7005 Course
Advanced Food Materials Science FOOD7000 Course
Advanced Functional Foods FOOD7025 Course
Advanced Plant Biology BIOL2903 Course
Advanced Plant Science Project SCIE3963 Course
Advanced Research Methodologies AGRC6631 Course
Advanced Topics in Plant Science BIOL3900 Course
Agribusiness Investment Project Appraisal FINM7960 Course
Agribusiness Investment Project Appraisal FINM3960 Course
Agribusiness Marketing MKTG7961 Course
Agribusiness Planning & Management AGRC7123 Course
Agribusiness Planning & Management AGRC2023 Course
Agribusiness Value Chain Management AGRC7050 Course
Agricultural & Resource Policy AGRC7127 Course
Agricultural Biochemistry AGRC2001 Course
Agricultural Mechanisation 1 AGRC1125D Course
Agricultural Mechanisation II AGRC1135D Course
Agriculture & Biology AGRC1120D Course
Agronomy AGRC2040 Course
Animal Behaviour, Handling & Wellbeing ANIM1014 Course
Animal Breeding & Genetics ANIM3046 Course
Animal Breeding Technology ANIM7621 Course
Animal Production Technology ANIM1115D Course
Animal Reproduction ANIM3019 Course
Animal Science & Production ANIM7001 Course
Applied Animal Physiology ANIM2057 Course
Biological Concepts & Plant Science AGRC1021 Course
Commodities, Futures & Options MKTG3961 Course
Concepts in Animal Science ANIM7620 Course
Contemporary Issues in Agriculture AGRC1165D Course
Crop Physiology AGRC7034 Course
Ecology of Agricultural Systems AGRC1032 Course
Equine Behaviour & Performance ANIM2024 Course
Equine Health & Welfare ANIM7119 Course
Equine Nutrition & Health ANIM3030 Course
Equine Nutrition & Health ANIM7117 Course
Experimental Techniques and Applications AGRC1145D Course
Export Marketing & Practices IBUS3960 Course
Food & Fibre Case Studies I AGRC1012 Course
Food Chemistry FOOD7013 Course
Food Chemistry CHEM2003 Course
Food for a Healthy Planet AGRC1040 Course
Food Microbiology & Biotechnology MICR7001 Course
Food Microbiology II MICR3860 Course
Food Process Engineering I FOOD7123 Course
Food Process Engineering I FOOD3023 Course
Food Safety & Quality Management FOOD3017 Course
Food Science FOOD2000 Course
Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals FOOD3000 Course
Fundamentals of Equine Science ANIM1006 Course
Graduate Research Extensive Project FOOD7100 Course
Graduate Research Extensive Project FOOD7200 Course
Graduate Research Project AGRC7400 Course
Graduate Research Project III FOOD7617 Course
Graduate Research Project III AGRC7617 Course
Graduate Research Project III FOOD7618 Course
Graduate Research Project III AGRC7620 Course
Graduate Research Project III AGRC7621 Course
Graduate Research Topic AGRC7200 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6001 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6005 Course
Honours Research Project FOOD6001 Course
Honours with Industry FOOD6100 Course
Horticultural Science HORT2007 Course
Horticultural Technology HORT1100D Course
Integrated Crop Health & Management AGRC7054 Course
Introduction to Research in Agriculture & Food Science (A) SCIE3270 Course
Leadership in Rural Industries & Communities AGRC7046 Course
Monogastric Production Systems ANIM2044 Course
Natural Resource Management ENVM7511 Course
Plant & Environmental Health PLNT2011 Course
Plant Biology and Biotechnology BIOL3213 Course
Plant Biology and Biotechnology BIOT7213 Course
Plant Breeding AGRC3041 Course
Plant Diseases BIOL3201 Course
Plant Pathology BIOL7017 Course
Plant Production Principles & Technologies AGRC1024 Course
Plant Production Technology AGRC1140D Course
Principles of Food Preservation FOOD1001 Course
Principles of Food Preservation FOOD7011 Course
Professional Experience FOOD7021 Course
Research Project AGRC4614 Course
Rural Business Management systems AGRC1155D Course
Soil & Water Resources LAND1120D Course
Soil Plant Relationships LAND3005 Course
Special Studies in Food Science & Technology FOOD7024 Course
Sustainable Food Supply Chains MGTS3968 Course
Sustainable Soil Management AGRC7053 Course
The Soil Environment LAND2003 Course

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