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"Body, Fashion & Consumption in History" HIST2611 Course
"Contemporary China: The People's Republic, Hong Kong & Taiwan since 1949" HIST2101 Course
"History of Medicine, Science and the Body" HIST2030 Course
"The idea of the sacred: texts, places and festivals" RELN2000 Course
A History of Hinduism in India and Beyond: ritual, yoga, freedom RELN2300 Course
A History of Western Magic: Magic, Meaning & Ritual RELN2512 Course
Advanced Greek 1 GREK3001 Course
Advanced Greek 2 GREK3002 Course
Advanced Latin 1 LATN3001 Course
Advanced Latin 2 LATN3002 Course
Advanced Logic PHIL3110 Course
Advanced Sanskrit RELA2011 Course
Advanced Study of Religious Texts A RELN3500 Course
Advanced Study of Religious Texts B RELN3501 Course
Advanced Topics in Moral & Political Philosophy PHIL3630 Course
Age of Crusades HIST2615 Course
Alexander the Great & the Hellenistic Monarchy ANCH7130 Course
Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World ANCH2130 Course
American History through Film HIST2211 Course
Ancient Art and Archaeology ANCH2301 Course
Ancient Historiography ANCH6920 Course
Ancient History and Modern Cinema ANCH2500 Course
Ancient World Study Tour: Sites & Museums ANCH2050 Course
Applied Research Methods ANCH7910 Course
Art & Archaeology of Ancient Greece ANCH2290 Course
Art & Archaeology of Ancient Rome ANCH2270 Course
Australia in the 20th Century HIST2247 Course
Australia since Federation: Society & Culture from 1901 HIST7247 Course
Australians at War HIST2245 Course
Belief & Unbelief RELN1001 Course
Belief and Unbelief RELN3002 Course
Britain, Empire and the World HIST2417 Course
Buddhism in India & East Asia RELN7301 Course
Buddhism: from India to the World RELN2301 Course
Chance, Coincidence & Chaos PHIL2070 Course
Chance, Coincidence & Chaos PHIL7207 Course
China: From Empire to Republic, 1500-1951 HIST2100 Course
Churchill's Britain: Crisis and Conflict (1875-1945) HIST2405 Course
Classical Archaeology & Museums ANCH2090 Course
Classics and Ancient History Museum Internship Program 2 WRIT3551 Course
Consciousness, Rationality & the Emotions: The Philosophy of Mind PHIL7205 Course
Contemporary European Philosophy (Graduate) PHIL7362 Course
Contemporary European Philosophy PHIL3620 Course
Contemporary Islam RELN7307 Course
Contemporary Studies Special Study HUMN3001 Course
Coursework 1: Research Methods HUMN6600 Course
Coursework 2: Advanced Readings HUMN6601 Course
Crime & Punishment: Issues in Legal Justice PHIL2850 Course
Crime & Punishment: Issues in Legal Justice PHIL7285 Course
Critical Reasoning (Graduate) PHIL7111 Course
Culture, Identity and Power in the Ancient World ANCH3570 Course
Dissertation ANCH7980 Course
Dissertation ANCH7982 Course
Dissertation ANCH7981 Course
Doctoral Colloquium B RELN9001 Course
Doctoral Colloquium C RELN9002 Course
Documentary Evidence for Ancient History ANCH6900 Course
Economic Justice PHIL2750 Course
Effective Thinking and Writing WRIT1999 Course
Egypt & Ancient Western Asia (Mesopotamia) ANCH2060 Course
Empires & Barbarians: Europe after Rome, 400-1000 HIST2400 Course
Empires: From Columbus to Coca-Cola HIST2602 Course
Environmental Issues in Asia: Historical Perspectives HIST2139 Course
Environmental Philosophy PHIL7221 Course
Environmental Philosophy PHIL2210 Course
Epistemology & Metaphysics (Graduate) PHIL7200 Course
Ethics and the Passions PHIL2400 Course
European Radical Right & Fascism HIST7400 Course
European Social Philosophy PHIL2310 Course
Feminist Philosophy PHIL2190 Course
Formal Logic: an introduction to classical formal logic PHIL2110 Course
From Buddha to Bruce Lee: Asian Visual Cultures HIST2014 Course
Genocide & Persecution, Revenge & Reconciliation HIST2704 Course
Genocide in the Modern World HIST7405 Course
Germany from Hitler to Reunification (1933-1991) HIST2408 Course
Ghosts from the Past: Problems of Revenge & Reconciliation in History HIST7601 Course
Greek Guided Texts GREK6675 Course
Greek Honours Research Thesis GREK6312 Course
Greek Honours Research Thesis GREK6311 Course
Greek Honours Research Thesis GREK6710 Course
Greek Honours Research Thesis GREK6700 Course
Greek Language & Literature 2 GREK2240 Course
Greek Language and Literature 1 GREK2230 Course
Greek Language and Literature 2 GREK3000 Course
Greek Philosophy PHIL7260 Course
Greek Philosophy PHIL2600 Course
Greek Set Texts GREK6640 Course
Historians of Greece & Rome ANCH7920 Course
History Honours Seminar HIST6690 Course
History Honours: Theory & Method HIST6680 Course
History in Action WRIT3613 Course
History in Popular Culture HIST3614 Course
History in Popular Culture HIST3616 Course
History of Genocide HIST3301 Course
History Thesis HIST7803 Course
History Thesis HIST7802 Course
History Thesis HIST7801 Course
History, Sound & Image HIST3615 Course
Honours Research Thesis PHIL6005 Course
Honours Research Thesis HIST6700 Course
Honours Research Thesis HIST6900 Course
Honours Research Thesis RELN6003 Course
Honours Research Thesis HUMN6901 Course
Honours Research Thesis PHIL6300 Course
Honours Research Thesis PHIL6310 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANCH6850 Course
Honours Research Thesis PHIL6006 Course
Honours Research Thesis HIST6701 Course
Honours Research Thesis HIST6910 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANCH6860 Course
Honours Research Thesis RELN6004 Course
Honours Research Thesis HUMN6900 Course
Human Origins and the Future of Humanity HIST2500 Course
Imperial Britain: Society & Culture in the Age of Empire (1780-1880) HIST2404 Course
Independent Historical Studies A HIST3609 Course
Independent Study Unit RELN3001 Course
India from 1600 to Independence: Empires, Factories, Nations HIST2118 Course
Individual Honours Study Unit 1 RELN6001 Course
Individual Honours Study Unit 2 RELN6002 Course
Individuals and the State in the Roman Republic ANCH2310 Course
Industry & Empire: Britain 1780-1880 HIST7401 Course
Intermediate Greek GREK2120 Course
Intermediate Latin LATN2120 Course
Interpreting History HIST3611 Course
Introduction to Critical Thinking PHIL1110 Course
Introduction to Ethics PHIL1013 Course
Introduction to Ethics PHIL7113 Course
Introduction to Logic (Graduate) PHIL7102 Course
Introduction to New Testament Greek RELA2012 Course
Introduction to Philosophy: What is Philosophy? PHIL1002 Course
Introduction to Sanskrit RELA2010 Course
Introductory Greek GREK1110 Course
Introductory Latin LATN1110 Course
Introductory Philosophy PHIL7100 Course
Islam and Society RELN2307 Course
Japan and the World HIST2619 Course
Kant & European Philosophy PHIL7222 Course
Kant & European Philosophy PHIL2220 Course
Knowledge and Reality: Introductory Topics PHIL2000 Course
Latin Guided Texts LATN6270 Course
Latin Honours Research Thesis LATN6311 Course
Latin Honours Research Thesis LATN6312 Course
Latin Language & Literature 2 LATN2240 Course
Latin Language and Literature 1 LATN2230 Course
Latin Language and Literature 2 LATN3000 Course
Latin Set Texts LATN6140 Course
Legal & Ethical Principles in Health HLTH3000 Course
Making History in the Digital Age HIST2310 Course
Masters Thesis RELN7600 Course
Masters Thesis RELN7601 Course
Masters Thesis I PHIL7990 Course
Masters Thesis II PHIL7991 Course
Medieval Heresy HIST2416 Course
Meditation & Soul Journeys: Eastern & Western Spiritual Experience RELN2204 Course
Mediterranean Seafaring, Religions, & Cultures in Antiquity ANCH2110 Course
Methodology of Studies in Religion RELN6000 Course
Mind and Cognition PHIL2050 Course
Mind and Language: Philosophical Perspectives PHIL2015 Course
Minds & Machines: Introduction to Cognitive Science COGS1000 Course
Modern Germany HIST2407 Course
Modernity in the Islamic World: Radicalism & Democracy HIST2138 Course
Monarchy, Revolution and Modernity HIST2304 Course
Myth, Magic and Religion in the Ancient World' ANCH2030 Course
Myth, The Occult & the Divine in the Ancient World ANCH7030 Course
Paradoxes PHIL2020 Course
Paradoxes PHIL7202 Course
Personal Spirituality & Pastoral Practice RELN9003 Course
Phenomenology & Existentialism PHIL7230 Course
Phenomenology & Existentialism PHIL2300 Course
Philosophy & Art PHIL7250 Course
Philosophy & Art PHIL2500 Course
Philosophy and Education PHIL2700 Course
Philosophy Honours Coursework 1 PHIL6003 Course
Philosophy Honours Coursework 2 PHIL6004 Course
Philosophy Honours Research Methods 1 PHIL6001 Course
Philosophy Honours Research Methods 2 PHIL6002 Course
Philosophy Honours Seminar 1 PHIL6007 Course
Philosophy Honours Seminar 2 PHIL6008 Course
Philosophy of Science & Religion PHIL2080 Course
Philosophy of Science: select topics in the foundations of scientific enquiry PHIL2090 Course
Philosophy of the Life Sciences PHIL2150 Course
Philosophy Today PHIL3002 Course
Playing God: Religion & Science RELN2115 Course
Political Philosophy PHIL7233 Course
Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics PHIL2330 Course
Politics, Philosophy, Economics 4' PPES4101 Course
Postmodernism & Philosophy PHIL7234 Course
Postmodernism & Philosophy PHIL2340 Course
Problems in History HIST7800 Course
Problems in the Ancient World A ANCH7961 Course
Problems in the Ancient World B ANCH7971 Course
Psychology & Religion RELN7101 Course
Psychology of Religion RELN2101 Course
R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum International Internship and Field ANCH2900 Course
Religion and Science RELN1115 Course
Religion, Peace and Violence' RELN2310 Course
Religion, Society, and the Contemporary World RELN3000 Course
Representation & Reality: The Philosophy of Language PHIL7201 Course
Representation & Reality: The Philosophy of Language PHIL2010 Course
Research Methods ANCH7900 Course
Responsible Data Science DATA7002 Course
Rise of Modern Philosophy PHIL2013 Course
Ritual, Culture & Religion: Trance and Shamanism in Contemporary and Indigenous Worlds RELN2110 Course
Rituals, Priests & Kings: A History of Hinduism RELN7300 Course
Roman Society & Civilisation ANCH2280 Course
Sociology of Religion RELN2117 Course
Southeast Asia - History & Religion Study Tour RELN2600 Course
Southeast Asia in the Modern World HIST2119 Course
Southeast Asia: History, Society & Culture HIST2109 Course
Special Studies in History HIST7603 Course
Special Topic in Ancient Cultures ANCH3560 Course
Special Topic in Ancient History 1 ANCH3540 Course
Special Topic in Ancient History 2 ANCH3550 Course
Special Topic in Greek History ANCH3020 Course
Special Topic in Philosophy A PHIL7330 Course
Special Topic in Roman History ANCH3030 Course
Special Topics in Philosophy A PHIL3300 Course
Spirituality & the Everyday RELN7113 Course
Spirituality in the Everyday RELN2113 Course
Study Tour: Sites & Museums of Roman Italy ANCH2070 Course
Studying Ancient History: Research Seminar ANCH6910 Course
The Anatomy of a Super Power: the US since 1945 HIST2707 Course
The Australian Experience HIST1201 Course
The Bible: Narratives & Interpretations RELN2410 Course
The British Isles: 1500-1700 HIST2412 Course
The Career and Influence of Julius Caesar ANCH2250 Course
The City in History HIST3302 Course
The City in History: Urban Spectacle from Europe to the New World HIST2702 Course
The Crusades, Heresy and Witchcraft HIST2050 Course
The History Makers HIST2312 Course
The History of Sexuality HIST2603 Course
The History of the Supernatural RELN1510 Course
The Idea of the Sacred: Texts, Places and the Sociology of Experience' RELN3003 Course
The Making of the Modern Asia Pacific HIST7104 Course
The Medieval and Early Modern World HIST1400 Course
The Medieval Mediterranean HIST2220 Course
The Modern History of East Asia HIST2040 Course
The Modern Middle East HIST2107 Course
The Political in French Philosophy (Graduate) PHIL7231 Course
The Radical Right & Fascism in Europe HIST2414 Course
The Rise of Ancient Greece: Greek History to the 4th Century BC ANCH1240 Course
The Rise of Ancient Rome: Roman History to the Death of Augustus ANCH1250 Course
The Rise of Modern Asia HIST1102 Course
The Rise of Modern Philosophy PHIL7218 Course
The Roman Empire: Politics and Society ANCH2230 Course
The Roman Republic ANCH2320 Course
The Vietnam War HIST2020 Course
The World of Classical Athens: Politics and Society ANCH2040 Course
The World of Jesus and the Early Christians RELN2409 Course
The World of Late Antiquity ANCH2431 Course
The World Since 1945 HIST3300 Course
Time Travel PHIL2200 Course
Time Travel PHIL7220 Course
Time, Change and Other Aspects of Being PHIL3612 Course
Trafficking Bodies from the Ancient World to the Present HIST2120 Course
Trafficking Bodies from the Ancient World to the Present HIST3303 Course
Vikings: Raiders, Traders, Invaders HIST2015 Course
Violence & Religion RELN7310 Course
War & Australian Society HIST7249 Course
War and Society in the Twentieth Century HIST3005 Course
Western Religious Thought from the Middle Ages to the Present RELN2411 Course
Witchcraft & Demonology in Early Modern Europe & Its Colonies HIST2411 Course
Women, Reason, Desire: Feminisim & Western Philosophy PHIL7219 Course
World History: Global Connections HIST1601 Course
World Religions & Spiritualities RELN1000 Course
Worlds, Possible & Impossible: An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic PHIL2100 Course
Worlds, Possible & Impossible: An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic PHIL7210 Course
Writing Ancient History WRIT3100 Course
Writing History in the Digital Age WRIT2010 Course
Writing Philosophy: Social Ethics WRIT2140 Course
Writing Religion & Spirituality: Media, Film, Music & the Supernatural WRIT2011 Course

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