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Academic English & Thesis Writing for International Students WRIT6001 Course
Advanced Chinese Language CHIN6340 Course
Advanced Chinese>English Translation CHIN3770 Course
Advanced Conversational German GRMN2030 Course
Advanced Disciplinary Studies and Practices 2 HHSS6003 Course
Advanced French Language Skills FREN6340 Course
Advanced German Language 1 GRMN3010 Course
Advanced German Language 2 GRMN3020 Course
Advanced German Language 3 GRMN3110 Course
Advanced German Language 4 GRMN3120 Course
Advanced German Language Skills GRMN6340 Course
Advanced Indonesian INDN3000 Course
Advanced Indonesian Language Skills INDN6340 Course
Advanced Interpreting in Business Settings TRIN7310 Course
Advanced Japanese Language Skills JAPN6340 Course
Advanced Korean I KORN3101 Course
Advanced Korean II KORN3201 Course
Advanced Korean Language Skills KORN6340 Course
Advanced Linguistics Research LING3050 Course
Advanced Research Topic A LING6050 Course
Advanced Research Topic B LING6055 Course
Advanced Russian Language Skills RSSN6340 Course
Advanced Spanish A SPAN3110 Course
Advanced Spanish B SPAN3120 Course
Advanced Spanish Language Skills SPAN6340 Course
Advanced Special Topics in German Studies GRMN3330 Course
Advanced Textual Skills JAPN7120 Course
Advanced Translation TRIN7410 Course
Advanced Translation I JAPN7160 Course
Advanced/Technical Translation II JAPN7260 Course
America Latina: el deseo y la realidad SPAN3390 Course
Anime Japanese JAPN3130 Course
Applied Translation JAPN7130 Course
Asian Studies Honours Thesis LTCS6920 Course
Being an Adult Language Learner in a Language Revitalisation Setting LING7012S Course
Books the Nazis Burned: German Literature & Society 1914-1945 LTCS2018 Course
Building your Language Revitalisation Network LING7011S Course
Chinese > English Translation: An Introductory Course CHIN2700 Course
Chinese Cinema and Culture CHIN3810 Course
Chinese>English Translation for Non - Native Speakers CHIN3300 Course
Cine de Autor en Espanol SPAN3340 Course
Cinema in French FREN3360 Course
Classroom Second Language Processes: Theory, Research, Practice SLAT7807 Course
Cognitive and Social Aspects of Bilingualism SLAT3001 Course
Collaborations: Relating and Working Together HUMN2500 Course
Communicating Across Cultures: Theory and Practice COMU1002 Course
Concepts in Applied Linguistics SLAT7706 Course
Conference Interpreting TRIN7440 Course
Conference Interpreting JAPN7220 Course
Consecutive Interpreting TRIN7230 Course
Consecutive Interpreting into English JAPN7140 Course
Consecutive Interpreting into Japanese JAPN7150 Course
Contemporary German Cinema MSTU2011 Course
Contemporary Korea in Media LTCS3010 Course
Contemporary Korean Film and TV Drama Review MSTU3001 Course
Contextual Studies for Translators & Interpreters CHIN7160 Course
Continuing German Language 1 GRMN2010 Course
Continuing German Language 2 GRMN2020 Course
Continuing Japanese 1A JAPN3010 Course
Continuing Japanese 1A JAPN2101 Course
Continuing Japanese 1B JAPN3030 Course
Continuing Japanese 1B JAPN3002 Course
Continuing Japanese 2A JAPN3003 Course
Continuing Japanese 2A JAPN3020 Course
Continuing Japanese 2B JAPN3004 Course
Continuing Japanese 2B JAPN3040 Course
Continuing Japanese 3 JAPN3101 Course
Continuing Japanese 4 JAPN3102 Course
Continuing Spanish A SPAN2010 Course
Continuing Spanish B SPAN2020 Course
Culturas Textuales y Visuales Hispanas SPAN3350 Course
Cultures of Latin America LTCS2026 Course
Digital Discourse and Social Media SLAT3030 Course
Dissertation GRMN6910 Course
Dissertation RSSN6930 Course
Dissertation GRMN6920 Course
Dissertation RSSN6920 Course
Dissertation RSSN6940 Course
Dissertation SPAN6920 Course
Dissertation SPAN6911 Course
Dissertation FREN6910 Course
Dissertation FREN6200 Course
Dissertation SPAN6910 Course
Dissertation SPAN6400 Course
Dissertation RSSN6400 Course
Dissertation FREN6911 Course
Dissertation SLAT7853 Course
Dissertation SPAN6410 Course
Dissertation FREN6920 Course
Dissertation RSSN6401 Course
Dissertation FREN6210 Course
Dissertation GRMN6291 Course
English and Chinese Interpreting CHIN2555 Course
English and Chinese Interpreting 2 CHIN3555 Course
English Through Time and Space LING7001 Course
English Through Time and Space LING2110 Course
English Through Time and Space SLAT2003 Course
Essentials of Chinese Language in Social Life CHIN2600 Course
European Film Today MSTU2012 Course
Foundation in Korean Language and Culture KORN2005 Course
Foundational Japanese 1 JAPN1011 Course
Foundational Japanese 2 JAPN1012 Course
Foundational Japanese 3 JAPN2021 Course
Foundational Japanese 4 JAPN2022 Course
Francophone Cultures LTCS2024 Course
French 1: Post-secondary FREN2112 Course
French for Business FREN3330 Course
French Honours Thesis FREN6996 Course
French Honours Thesis FREN6998 Course
French Language and Culture 1: ex beginners FREN3111 Course
French Language and Culture 1: Post-secondary FREN3112 Course
French Language and Culture 2 FREN3113 Course
French Language and Culture 3 FREN3114 Course
French Language and Culture 4 FREN3115 Course
French Language and Culture 5 FREN3116 Course
French Study Project FREN3910 Course
French>English Translation FREN3310 Course
Fundamentals in English > Chinese Translation CHIN2750 Course
General Research Methods LTCS6000 Course
Generos de composicion SPAN3330 Course
Grammar and Discourse LING3010 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6091 Course
Honours Research Thesis CHIN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis SPAN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis JAPN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis RSSN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6095 Course
Honours Research Thesis SPAN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis CHIN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis INDN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis JAPN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis RSSN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6201 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6090 Course
Honours Research Thesis KORN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6997 Course
Honours Research Thesis INDN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis GRMN6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis LING6200 Course
Honours Research Thesis KORN6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis GRMN6998 Course
Honours Thesis INDN6500 Course
Honours Thesis JAPN6120 Course
Identites francaises et francophones FREN3380 Course
Imagining Latin America in the 20th Century LTCS2022 Course
Independent Reading Course A SLAT7897 Course
Independent Reading Course B SLAT7898 Course
Indigenous Languages: Understanding Language Descriptions for Access and Use AUIL7201 Course
Indonesia and its Neighbours: Evolving in the Asian Century LTCS2401 Course
Indonesian Contemporary Culture INDN3002 Course
Indonesian Studies Project INDN3006 Course
Indonesian Translation Studies INDN3005 Course
Inside Germany - Contemporary German Cultures GRMN2330 Course
Intermediate French 1 FREN2010 Course
Intermediate French 2 FREN2020 Course
Intermediate Indonesian A INDN2000 Course
Intermediate Indonesian B INDN2001 Course
Interpreting Skills & Practice (English and Mandarin) CHIN7110 Course
Interpreting Skills and Practice TRIN7130 Course
Introduction to Indigenous Language Revitalisation AUIL7200 Course
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics JAPN3209 Course
Introduction to Japanese/English Interpreting JAPN3290 Course
Introduction to Japanese/English Translation JAPN3295 Course
Introduction to Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonology LING6105 Course
Introduction to Russian-English Translation RSSN3150 Course
Introduction to Second Language Learning and Teaching SLAT7001 Course
Introductory French 1 FREN1010 Course
Introductory French 2 FREN1020 Course
Introductory German Language 1 GRMN1010 Course
Introductory German Language 2 GRMN1020 Course
Introductory Indonesian A INDN1000 Course
Introductory Indonesian B INDN1001 Course
Introductory Russian I RSSN1110 Course
Introductory Russian II RSSN1120 Course
Introductory Spanish A SPAN1010 Course
Introductory Spanish B SPAN1020 Course
Japanese 1A standard JAPN1013 Course
Japanese 1B Standard JAPN1023 Course
Japanese 2A standard JAPN2013 Course
Japanese 2B Standard JAPN2023 Course
Japanese Language in Context JAPN3210 Course
Japanese Popular Culture LTCS2006 Course
Japanese Studies Individual Project LTCS3007 Course
Japanese/English Interpreting and Translation JAPN3299 Course
Korean for Korean Speakers and Advanced Non-Korean Speakers KORN3220 Course
Korean Popular Culture: Korean wave LTCS2023 Course
Korean Study Project KORN3300 Course
Korean-English Translation and Interpreting A KORN3112 Course
Korean-English Translation and Interpreting B KORN3212 Course
Language & Society LING2035 Course
Language and Globalisation: Advanced Intercultural Communication COMU3010 Course
Language and Society in Japan JAPN3500 Course
Language and Technology SLAT7860 Course
Language Awareness & Cross-Cultural Competence for the Global Workplace COMU2040 Course
Language Consolidation for Translation & Interpreting Purposes CHIN7120 Course
Language Contact LING3015 Course
Language Descriptions LING7014S Course
Language Evolution LING3090 Course
Language in the Digital World SLAT2002 Course
Language in Use SLAT7810 Course
Language Research in Archives LING7013S Course
Language Testing & Assessment SLAT7835 Course
Language, Culture and Communication SLAT7899 Course
Latin American Perspectives LTCS3000 Course
Learning from the International Experience COMU3060 Course
Learning from the International Experience COMU3065 Course
Legal Interpreting and Translation CHIN7444 Course
Literary and Cultural Debates in French FREN3355 Course
Literary Translation CHIN7555 Course
Literatura en Espanol SPAN3460 Course
Litterature contemporaine: Contemporary Literature in French FREN3350 Course
Live Interpreting Forum TRIN7420 Course
Live Interpreting Forum I JAPN7200 Course
Live Interpreting Forum II JAPN7230 Course
Magical Realism and Beyond: Contemporary Latin America LTCS2027 Course
Media Translation TRIN7430 Course
Mind and Language: Cognitive Strategies for Meaning Analysis LING3030 Course
Modern Japanese Literature & Society LTCS2030 Course
Modern Literary Texts JAPN3240 Course
Morphology LING2040 Course
Phonology LING2010 Course
Portfolio & Synthesis SLAT7852 Course
Pragmatics LING3065 Course
Pragmatics LING2055 Course
Professional Interpreting (English and Mandarin) CHIN7150 Course
Professional Skills for Translators and Interpreters TRIN7120 Course
Professional Translation (Chinese to English) CHIN7142 Course
Professional Translation (English and Chinese) CHIN7140 Course
Professional Translation (English to Chinese) CHIN7141 Course
Public Speaking JAPN7110 Course
Qualitative Research Methods in Applied Linguistics SLAT7854 Course
Quantitative Research Methods in Applied Linguistics SLAT7855 Course
Reading & Writing in Spanish SPAN2310 Course
Reading and Writing Skills in Japanese JAPN3140 Course
Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies TRIN7320 Course
Research Methods SLAT7806 Course
Russia Now and Then LTCS2310 Course
Russian Language III RSSN2110 Course
Russian Language IV RSSN2120 Course
Russian V RSSN3130 Course
Russian VI RSSN3140 Course
Second Language Acquisition SLAT7805 Course
Second Language Learning SLAT2001 Course
Second Language Reading: Teaching and Researching SLAT7830 Course
Second Language Writing: Teaching and Researching SLAT7827 Course
Semantics LING2000 Course
Simultaneous Interpreting (English and Mandarin) CHIN7190 Course
Sociocultural Approaches to Second Language Learning and Teaching SLAT7809 Course
Spanish Special Project SPAN3910 Course
Special Research Topics in Linguistics LING3100 Course
Special Topic in Russian Cultural Studies RSSN6364 Course
Special Topics in Chinese Cultural Studies CHIN6364 Course
Special Topics in Chinese Language Studies CHIN6350 Course
Special Topics in French Cultural Studies FREN6364 Course
Special Topics in French Language Studies FREN6350 Course
Special Topics in German Cultural Studies GRMN6364 Course
Special Topics in German Language Studies GRMN6350 Course
Special Topics in Indonesian Cultural Studies INDN6364 Course
Special Topics in Japanese Cultural Studies JAPN6364 Course
Special Topics in Japanese Language Studies JAPN6350 Course
Special Topics in Korean Cultural Studies KORN6364 Course
Special Topics in Korean Language Skills KORN6350 Course
Special Topics in Linguistic Research LING6053 Course
Special Topics in Russian Language Studies RSSN6350 Course
Special Topics in Spanish Cultural Studies SPAN6364 Course
Special Topics in Spanish Language Studies SPAN6350 Course
Special Topics in World Literatures and Cultures LTCS6364 Course
Specialised Translation and Interpreting (Health) TRIN7330 Course
Specialised Translation and Interpreting (Legal) TRIN7340 Course
Spoken Chinese IA CHIN1100 Course
Spoken Chinese IB CHIN2100 Course
Spoken Chinese IIA CHIN3000 Course
Spoken Chinese IIA CHIN2110 Course
Spoken Chinese IIB CHIN3010 Course
Spoken Chinese IIIA CHIN3100 Course
Spoken Chinese IIIB CHIN3110 Course
Spoken Korean IA KORN1010 Course
Spoken Korean IB KORN2020 Course
Spoken Korean IIA KORN2101 Course
Spoken Korean IIA KORN3005 Course
Spoken Korean IIB KORN3010 Course
Structure of Language SLAT7705 Course
Study on an Australian Aboriginal Language LING3025 Course
Syntax LING2045 Course
Teaching and Learning French FREN3375 Course
Teaching Japanese Language JAPN3205 Course
Teaching Languages in a Global Context SLAT7826 Course
Technical Translation I JAPN7210 Course
Techniques in English > Chinese Translation CHIN3760 Course
Techniques in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language CHIN3900 Course
Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics SLAT7829 Course
Text analysis and translation SPAN3310 Course
Textes et Modernite FREN3210 Course
The Secret Life of Language: Words and Sentences LING1000 Course
The Sound Patterns of Language LING1005 Course
Theoretical & Professional Studies CHIN7130 Course
Theoretical Studies in Translation and Interpreting TRIN7110 Course
Theory of Translation JAPN7170 Course
Thesis (Honours) KORN6101 Course
Thesis (Honours) KORN6100 Course
Thesis (Honours) CHIN6100 Course
Thesis (Honours) CHIN6101 Course
Thesis (Honours) CHIN6000 Course
Thesis (Honours) KORN6000 Course
Thesis (Honours) JAPN6115 Course
Thesis (Honours) JAPN6114 Course
Thesis (Honours) INDN6501 Course
Thesis - Thesis (Honours) INDN6120 Course
Thesis in Translation & Interpreting Studies CHIN7180 Course
Thesis in Translation and Interpreting Studies TRIN7800 Course
Translating & Interpreting Studies LTCS3002 Course
Translating with Digital Tools TRIN7240 Course
Translation & Interpreting Practicum CHIN7170 Course
Translation and Interpreting for Science, Engineering and Technology CHIN7666 Course
Translation and Interpreting in Community Settings TRIN7220 Course
Translation from German - Theory & Practice GRMN2130 Course
Translation in a Globalised Marketplace TRIN7140 Course
Translation in Business Settings TRIN7210 Course
Translation Skills & Practice (English and Chinese) CHIN7100 Course
Translation Skills and Practice (Chinese to English) CHIN7102 Course
Translation Skills and Practice (English to Chinese) CHIN7101 Course
Understanding Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture LTCS2028 Course
Voices from Japan JAPN3110 Course
World Literatures and Cultures Dissertation LTCS6922 Course
Writing for International Students WRIT1001 Course
Written Chinese IA CHIN1200 Course
Written Chinese IB CHIN2200 Course
Written Chinese IIA CHIN3001 Course
Written Chinese IIB CHIN3020 Course
Written Chinese IIIA CHIN3200 Course
Written Chinese IIIB CHIN3210 Course
Written Korean IA KORN1011 Course
Written Korean IB KORN2022 Course
Written Korean II A KORN2003 Course
Written Korean IIA KORN3006 Course
Written Korean IIB KORN3011 Course

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