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Advanced Research Methodologies AGRC7045 Course
Agricultural and Resource Policy AGRC3027 Course
Agricultural Development in Asia AGRC4050 Course
Agricultural Development in Asia AGRC3050 Course
Agricultural Economics AGRC2030 Course
Agricultural Microbiology & Gene Technology AGRC2013 Course
Agrifood Strategy & Competitiveness AGRC3023 Course
Agrifood Strategy & Competitiveness AGRC7043 Course
Agronomy 2 AGRC3002 Course
Animal Anatomy & Physiology 1 ANIM2051 Course
Animal Anatomy & Physiology 2 ANIM2052 Course
Animal Environmental Physiology ANIM2021 Course
Animal Health & Epidemiology ANIM3006 Course
Animal Nutrition & Technology ANIM7240 Course
Animal Nutrition & Technology ANIM2053 Course
Animal Reproduction ANIM7219 Course
Animals in a Changing Environment ANIM3060 Course
Animals in Society ANIM7214 Course
Applied Animal Biology ANIM1020 Course
Applied Biology I AGRC1020 Course
Applied Market Research MKTG7966 Course
Applied Market Research MKTG3960 Course
Applied Mathematics & Statistics AGRC1023 Course
Australia's Bio-Physical Environment AGRC1031 Course
Australian Vertebrates ANIM1026 Course
Biodiscovery from Plants BIOL7137 Course
Biodiscovery from Plants PLNT3037 Course
Biodiscovery from Plants AGRC3037 Course
Biology of Australian Marsupials & Monotremes ANIM7043 Course
Biology of Australian Marsupials & Monotremes ANIM3049 Course
Biology of Australian Marsupials and Monotremes ANIM2043 Course
Bush Foods in Australia FOOD2022 Course
Bush Foods of Australia FOOD3022 Course
Bush Foods of Australia FOOD7022 Course
Chemistry CHEM1004 Course
Commodities, Futures & Options MKTG7960 Course
Crop Physiology AGRC3040 Course
Current Topics in Plant Science BIOL3200 Course
Design & Analysis of Experiments AGRC7501 Course
Design & Analysis of Experiments AGRC3702 Course
E Technologies for the Food & Fibre Sector AGRC7037 Course
Ecological Economics ENVM1512 Course
Effective Stakeholder Engagement MGTS7976 Course
Emerging Issues in Animal Bioscience ANIM3062 Course
Emerging Issues in Plant & Animal Biosciences AGRC6010 Course
Emerging Issues in Plant Bioscience AGRC3062 Course
Entrepreneurship in Agriculture AGRC4101 Course
Environment & Community ENVM7513 Course
Environment and Community ENVM3530 Course
Equine Breeding & Stud Management ANIM2039 Course
Equine Breeding & Stud Management ANIM7120 Course
Equine Exercise & Rehabilitation ANIM7118 Course
Equine Exercise & Rehabilitation ANIM3039 Course
Evaluation of Programs & Projects MGTS7963 Course
Food & Fibre Case Studies II AGRC2000 Course
Food & Fibre Case Studies III AGRC3000 Course
Food & Fibre in the E-Landscape AGRC1016 Course
Food Bioprocessing FOOD7018 Course
Food Microbiology I MICR2001 Course
Food Microbiology I MICR7003 Course
Food Process Engineering I FOOD2003 Course
Food Process Engineering II FOOD3008 Course
Food Processing Technology FOOD7020 Course
Food Product Development FOOD3011 Course
Food Product Development FOOD7019 Course
Food Safety & Quality Management FOOD7006 Course
Food Sensory & Physical Assessment FOOD7016 Course
Food Structure & Sensory Science FOOD3007 Course
Fungal Biology BIOL3210 Course
Game Management - the Science of Sustainable Use LPWM3005 Course
Global Challenges in Agriculture AGRC7047 Course
Graduate Research Project I AGRC7611 Course
Graduate Research Project III FOOD7619 Course
Graduate Research Project III AGRC7618 Course
Graduate Research Project III AGRC7619 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6002 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6650 Course
Honours Research Project FOOD6002 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6300 Course
Honours Research Project AGRC6651 Course
Honours with Industry FOOD6200 Course
Horticultural Science 2 HORT3009 Course
Horticulture Production HORT7002 Course
Human - Wildlife Interactions ANIM7023 Course
Human Wildlife Interactions ANIM2033 Course
Industry Placement AGRC2031 Course
International Agricultural Development AGRC7520 Course
Introduction to Research in Agriculture & Food Science (B) SCIE3271 Course
Land Use & Management LAND3007 Course
Livestock Industries ANIM1018 Course
Molecular Diagnostics in Plant Protection BIOL7011 Course
Molecular Theory, Data & Application in the Animal Sciences ANIM3061 Course
Molecular Theory, Data & Application in the Animal Sciences ANIM7241 Course
Natural Resource Management ENVM3523 Course
Participatory Research, Development & Extension Practice ENVM2521 Course
Participatory Research, Development & Extension Practice AGRC7049 Course
Pasture Science & Management AGRC3006 Course
Pasture Science & Management AGRC7051 Course
Plant Adaptation and Global Change BIOL3204 Course
Plant Biology BIOL2203 Course
Plant Biology II BIOL3202 Course
Plant Interactions BIOL7012 Course
Plant Interactions BIOL3011 Course
Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology BIOL3203 Course
Plant Physiology PLNT2002 Course
Plant Physiology AGRC7048 Course
Plant Physiology AGRC2048 Course
Plant Protection PLNT7005 Course
Plant Protection PLNT3009 Course
Postgraduate Advanced Topic I AGRC6640 Course
Postgraduate Advanced Topic II AGRC6641 Course
Postgraduate Advanced Topic III AGRC6642 Course
Precision Agriculture AGRC3036 Course
Principles of Integrated Plant Protection PLNT7014 Course
Principles of Weed Science PLNT6894 Course
Production Horticulture HORT3003 Course
Professional Practice FOOD3009 Course
Professional Practice FOOD3030 Course
Research Communication AGRC4100 Course
Research Project FOOD4611 Course
Research Project AGRC4617 Course
Research Project FOOD4620 Course
Research Project AGRC4620 Course
Research Project AGRC4616 Course
Research Project FOOD4618 Course
Research Project AGRC4615 Course
Research Project FOOD4619 Course
Research Project AGRC4612 Course
Research Project AGRC4611 Course
Research Project AGRC4613 Course
Ruminant Production Systems ANIM2054 Course
Ruminant Production Systems ANIM3125 Course
Rural Community Development MGTS7968 Course
Short International Experience AGRC3035 Course
Soil & Growth Media Management LAND7009 Course
Soils, Landscapes & Environments LAND3006 Course
Special Topic FOOD3601 Course
Special Topic II AGRC3602 Course
Sustainable Agricultural & Animal Systems AGRC3018 Course
Sustainable Animal Systems ANIM3045 Course
The Behaviour and Management of Animals in Society ANIM3043 Course
Tropical Agriculture AGRC4054 Course
Tropical Agriculture AGRC3054 Course
Water & Land Resource Management LAND7000 Course
Weed Science PLNT3012 Course
Wildlife Technologies ANIM3018 Course
Working with Groups & Teams MGTS1982 Course
Zoo Husbandry and Management ANIM3016 Course

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