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"Critical Issues in Tourism, Hospitality & Events" TOUR6033 Course
"Critical Issues in Tourism, Hospitality & Events" TOUR7033 Course
Accounting ACCT7101 Course
Accounting and Business Analysis ACCT7804 Course
Accounting for Decision Making ACCT1101 Course
Accounting in the Modern Financial Economy ACCT6102 Course
Accounting Information and Software Applications BISM2206 Course
Accounting Information Systems BISM7209 Course
Accounting Information Systems BISM3201 Course
Advanced Corporate Finance FINM4413 Course
Advanced Financial Accounting ACCT3103 Course
Advanced Investments and Portfolio Management FINM3412 Course
Advanced Management Accounting ACCT3104 Course
Advanced Management Accounting ACCT3105 Course
Advanced Research Methods and Analysis TOUR7035 Course
Advanced Research Methods and Analysis TOUR6035 Course
Advanced Studies in Accounting ACCT4101 Course
Advanced Studies in Business Information Systems BISM4203 Course
Advanced Studies in Finance FINM4401 Course
Advanced Studies in Human Resource Management MGTS4603 Course
Advanced Studies in International Business IBUS4301 Course
Advanced Studies in Marketing MKTG4501 Course
Advanced Valuation REDE3102 Course
Advertising & Consumer Culture ADVT2511 Course
Advertising Management ADVT3509 Course
Advertising Media ADVT2510 Course
Advertising Research ADVT3506 Course
Advertising Research Methods ADVT7513 Course
Advertising Strategy ADVT3505 Course
Analysis of Financial Statements ACCT3106 Course
Applications of Project Management PLAN7902 Course
Applied Corporate Finance FINM3411 Course
Applied Economics for Tourism TOUR2010 Course
Applied Management Accounting and Control ACCT2114 Course
Applied Market Research MKTG3504 Course
Applied Research Project RBUS4411 Course
Asset Management in the Public Sector FINM7904 Course
Asset Pricing FINM2416 Course
Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management in Practice FINM7102 Course
Auditing ACCT7103 Course
Auditing & Public Practice ACCT3101 Course
Banking and Lending Decisions FINM3404 Course
Behavioural Finance FINM3407 Course
Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation TIMS7323 Course
Brand Management MKTG2508 Course
Building Construction Management & Economics REDE1300 Course
Building Innovation Capability EIBS7303 Course
Building the Future Workforce MGTS2609 Course
Business Analytics Applications BSAN7213 Course
Business Analytics Foundations BSAN7205 Course
Business Analytics Project BSAN7215 Course
Business Analytics Project BSAN4204 Course
Business Analytics Project BISM4204 Course
Business Analytics Strategy BSAN4201 Course
Business Analytics Strategy BISM4201 Course
Business and Society MGTS7608 Course
Business Data Management BSAN7206 Course
Business Dynamics MGTS7525 Course
Business in Asia IBUS3304 Course
Business Industry Placement RBUS7999 Course
Business Industry Placement RBUS4999 Course
Business Industry Placement RBUS3999 Course
Business Information Security BISM3205 Course
Business Information Systems & Analytics Capstone BISM3208 Course
Business Information Systems Analysis and Design BISM7255 Course
Business Information Systems Capstone BISM7208 Course
Business Management in the Public Sector FINM7902 Course
Business Negotiation MGTS7310 Course
Business Negotiations in the Global Economy MGTS3605 Course
Business Operations IBUS2303 Course
Business Process Improvement BISM7216 Course
Business Process Management BISM2203 Course
Business Research Methods RBUS2900 Course
Business Research Strategy RBUS3900 Course
Career Transition MGTS7621 Course
Change & Innovation in Tourism, Hospitality & Events TOUR6034 Course
Change & Innovation in Tourism, Hospitality & Events TOUR7034 Course
Commercialisation in Practice Project EIBS7305 Course
Communication and Organisation ORGC7610 Course
Competing with AI and Digital Technologies BSAN7214 Course
Consumer & Buyer Behaviour MKTG7503 Course
Consumer Behaviour MKTG2501 Course
Contemporary Business Communication and Organisation MGTS2606 Course
Contemporary Employment Relations MGTS7609 Course
Contemporary Financial Modelling and Analytics FINM7101 Course
Contemporary Issues in Advertising ADVT3508 Course
Contemporary Issues in Marketing MKTG3509 Course
Corporate Accounting ACCT7104 Course
Corporate Finance FINM3401 Course
Corporate Finance FINM7402 Course
Corporate Finance FINM2415 Course
Corporate Finance Honours FINM6401 Course
Corporate Spin-Out EIBS7308 Course
Corporate Sustainability TIMS7317 Course
Crafting a Service Innovation Organisational Culture BLSI7008 Course
Creative Advertising and Production ADVT3507 Course
Creative Advertising Development ADVT7509 Course
Creativity for Innovation and Design Thinking EIBS7300 Course
Critical Issues in Finance FINM6403 Course
Cross Cultural Management MGTS7329 Course
Customer Experience Foundations BLSI7004 Course
Cyber Security Governance, Policy, Ethics and Law CYBR7003 Course
Cyber Security Human Capital Leadership MGTS7635 Course
Cyber Security Risk Management and Controls BISM7620 Course
Data Analytics and Information Management BISM2202 Course
Data Analytics for Business BISM7233 Course
Data and Analytics for Service BLSI7009 Course
Data Visualisation for Business BISM3204 Course
Data Visualisation for Business BSAN3204 Course
Decision Making & Reporting for Sustainability MGTS7309 Course
Deep Learning for Business BSAN3212 Course
Derivatives and Applied Risk Management FINM7103 Course
Derivatives and Risk Management FINM3405 Course
Designing Food and Beverage Experiences HOSP7050 Course
Destination and Experience Marketing TOUR2009 Course
Destination Management & Marketing TOUR7051 Course
Destination Planning and Management TRVT3001 Course
Destination Study Tour TOUR7011 Course
Developing Human Capital MGTS3604 Course
Development Appraisal Project REDE3202 Course
Digital Advertising Strategy ADVT7507 Course
Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship TIMS2302 Course
Digital Marketing and Social Media MKTG3506 Course
Disciplinary Foundations of Tourism, Hospitality and Events TOUR7022 Course
Discourses in Hospitality HOSP2004 Course
Discourses in Hospitality HOSP3005 Course
Doing Business in Asia IBUS7312 Course
eBusiness Systems and Strategy BISM2233 Course
Economics for Tourism, Hospitality & Events TOUR1004 Course
Empirical Finance Honours FINM6402 Course
Employee and Organisational Development MGTS7611 Course
Employee Relations and HR Practice MGTS2607 Course
Enterprise Compliance Systems MGTS1968D Course
Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies TIMS3302 Course
Entrepreneurial Leadership EIBS7304 Course
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Ideation TIMS1301 Course
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project TIMS4303 Course
Entrepreneurship Capstone EIBS7800 Course
Entrepreneurship Challenge EIBS7309 Course
Entrepreneurship in Hospitality HOSP2003 Course
Entrepreneurship Incubator TIMS7331 Course
Ethical Issues in Management MGTS7607 Course
Event Design, Staging and Production EVNT7053 Course
Event Marketing and Consumer Behaviour EVNT2004 Course
Event Marketing, Sponsorship & Fundraising EVNT7052 Course
Event Operations Management EVNT3003 Course
Event Planning & Project Management EVNT7051 Course
Event Planning and Management EVNT2003 Course
Event Sponsorship & Fundraising EVNT3004 Course
External Reporting Issues ACCT3102 Course
Finance FINM7401 Course
Financial Accounting ACCT7102 Course
Financial Accounting for Business ACCT2112 Course
Financial Information in Capital Markets ACCT6101 Course
Financial Institutions and Markets FINM7407 Course
Financial Institutions Management FINM3414 Course
Financial Management FINM2401 Course
Financial Management FINM7805 Course
Financial Management for Business FINM2412 Course
Financial Management for Decision Makers FINM7409 Course
Financial Management in the Public Sector FINM7903 Course
Financial Modelling FINM3422 Course
Financial Reporting ACCT2101 Course
Financial Reporting and Analysis ACCT1110 Course
Financial Risk Management FINM7405 Course
Financial Statement Analysis FINM4412 Course
Financial Statement Analysis ACCT7106 Course
Fixed Income Analytics and Treasury Management FINM3421 Course
Fixed Income and Public Financial Management FINM7105 Course
Food and Beverage Management HOSP3003 Course
Food and Beverage Management HOSP2005 Course
Foundations of Advertising ADVT2509 Course
Foundations of eBusiness BISM7210 Course
Foundations of Marketing MKTG1501 Course
Fundamentals of Advertising ADVT7508 Course
Fundamentals of Event Management EVNT2000 Course
Fundamentals of Marketing MKTG7501 Course
Gaming and Casino Management HOSP3000 Course
Global Cultures & Tourism TOUR1001 Course
Global Hospitality Operations HOSP7051 Course
Global Hotel, Resort and Casino Management HOSP7052 Course
Global Human Resource Management MGTS3606 Course
Global Management Outbound A IBUS7330 Course
Global Management Outbound B IBUS7331 Course
Global Management Thesis B IBUS7325 Course
Global Management Thesis C IBUS7326 Course
Global Production and Logistics IBUS3303 Course
Global Strategic Management MGTS3301 Course
Globalisation & the World Economy IBUS7306 Course
Globalisation and Business IBUS2302 Course
Grand Challenges EIBS7306 Course
Honours Thesis RBUS6993 Course
Honours Thesis RBUS6991 Course
Honours Thesis RBUS6994 Course
Honours Thesis A TOUR6007 Course
Honours Thesis A RBUS6996 Course
Honours Thesis B RBUS6997 Course
Honours Thesis B TOUR6008 Course
Hotel Operations HOSP2001 Course
Idea Management EIBS7301 Course
Industry Engagement Capstone MGTS7818 Course
Industry Project FINM7108 Course
Industry Report RBUS6980 Course
Industry Research and Consultancy TOUR6005 Course
Industry Research and Consultancy TOUR7000 Course
Information Analysis and System Design BISM3222 Course
Information Retrieval and Management BISM7206 Course
Information Systems for Management BISM7202 Course
Information Systems Governance and Assurance BISM7221 Course
Information Systems Honours BISM6211 Course
Information Technology for Business Value BISM7808 Course
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Practice TIMS3311 Course
Innovation Leadership TIMS7811 Course
Innovation Leadership MGTS7711 Course
Integrated Commerce in Practice RBUS3904 Course
Integrated Strategic Analysis MGTS7803 Course
Intermediate Financial Accounting ACCT2110 Course
Intermediate Management Accounting ACCT2102 Course
International Business Management IBUS2301 Course
International Business Operations IBUS3310 Course
International Event Issues and Strategies EVNT7050 Course
International Financial Management FINM3403 Course
International Financial Management FINM7406 Course
International Human Resource Management MGTS7604 Course
International Property Investment REDE7201 Course
International Service Operations Management IBUS7322 Course
International Study Tour FINM3400 Course
International Supply Chains IBUS7316 Course
Introduction to Finance FINM1415 Course
Introduction to Financial Management FINM1416 Course
Introduction to Human Resource Management MGTS2604 Course
Introduction to Management MGTS1301 Course
Introduction to Management Accounting ACCT1102 Course
Introduction to Management Simulation BELX0008 Module
Investment Method of Valuation REDE3100 Course
Investments & Portfolio Management FINM3402 Course
Leadership and People Management MGTS7904 Course
Leadership and Strategy Practicum MGTS4602 Course
Leadership in Practice MGTS7620 Course
Leadership Styles and Practice MGTS7708 Course
Leadership: Theory & Practice MGTS7619 Course
Leading and Managing People MGTS2603 Course
Leading People and Teams MGTS7702 Course
Leading People and Teams MGTS7810 Course
Lean Start Up EIBS7307 Course
Lean Start up for Entrepreneurship and Innovation EIBS7311 Course
Learning & Communication MGTS1965D Course
Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World PBEL3000 Course
Machine Learning for Analysis BISM7217 Course
Machine Learning for Business BSAN2205 Course
Machine Learning in Business BSAN7212 Course
Machine Learning in Practice BISM3206 Course
Management Accounting and Control ACCT7107 Course
Management Accounting Principles ACCT2113 Course
Management Communication MGTS7610 Course
Management Consulting in Asian Business IBUS7314 Course
Management Frameworks MGTS7801 Course
Management of Intellectual Property TIMS7326 Course
Managerial Accounting Honours A ACCT6104 Course
Managerial Finance FINM2400 Course
Managing Across Cultures IBUS3309 Course
Managing Analytics Projects BSAN7209 Course
Managing Business Data BISM3203 Course
Managing Business Data BISM2207 Course
Managing Innovation EIBS7302 Course
Managing International Legal Complexity IBUS3306 Course
Managing Organisational Behaviour MGTS7601 Course
Managing Performance MGTS3607 Course
Managing Resources in Tourism, Hospitality & Events TOUR7023 Course
Managing Virtual Work BISM7215 Course
Managing Work in Virtual Environments BISM3207 Course
Managing Workplace Conflict and Collaboration MGTS3602 Course
Market & Consumer Research MKTG7510 Course
Marketing & Distribution Research Project TOUR7032 Course
Marketing Analysis MKTG2511 Course
Marketing for Social Change MKTG7513 Course
Marketing Intelligence MKTG2510 Course
Marketing Management MKTG7806 Course
Marketing Strategy MKTG3501 Course
Marketing Theory & Research II MKTG6501 Course
Marketing Theory and Research I MKTG6500 Course
Media Planning and Buying ADVT7512 Course
Methods of Business Analytics BISM2204 Course
Methods of Business Analytics BSAN2204 Course
Monetizing Business Data BSAN7211 Course
Online Advertising ADVT2506 Course
Operating International Business IBUS7302 Course
Operations Design BISM7807 Course
Organisational Behaviour MGTS1601 Course
Organisational Design and Change Management MGTS3601 Course
Organisational Research Paradigms MGTS6600 Course
People Analytics: Theory, Strategy and Practical Application MGTS3609 Course
Performance Leadership MGTS7605 Course
Portfolio Management FINM7403 Course
Predictive Analytics for Business BISM2205 Course
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BISM3209 Course
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BSAN3209 Course
Principles of Business Analytics BSAN2201 Course
Principles of Business Analytics BISM2201 Course
Principles of Business Management and Leadership MGTS7906 Course
Principles of Entrepreneurship TIMS7301 Course
Principles of Financial Accounting ACCT2111 Course
Principles of Financial Management FINM2411 Course
Principles of Innovation BLSI7006 Course
Principles of Project Management PLAN7901 Course
Principles of Strategic Management MGTS7303 Course
Principles of the International Tourism System TRVT2000 Course
Principles of Tourism, Hospitality and Events TOUR1000 Course
Private Equity and Venture Capital FINM7106 Course
Product and Service Management MKTG2505 Course
Product Strategy & Development MKTG7505 Course
Professional Consultancy Project I TOUR7070 Course
Professional Consultancy Project II TOUR7071 Course
Professional Development TOUR3009 Course
Professional Experience TOUR7040 Course
Professional Practicum FINM4999 Course
Project Management for Tourism and Events TRVT2003 Course
Qualitative Business Research Methods I RBUS6904 Course
Qualitative Business Research Methods II RBUS6901 Course
Quantitative Business Research Methods I RBUS6902 Course
Quantitative Business Research Methods II RBUS6903 Course
Quantitative Investment Strategies FINM7104 Course
Real Estate and Infrastructure FINM7107 Course
Real Estate Finance FINM3406 Course
Real Estate Investment REDE2201 Course
Research Design for Honours RBUS6933 Course
Research Process RBUS7994 Course
Research Process in Business RBUS6914 Course
Research Project RBUS7981 Course
Research Project RBUS7984 Course
Research Project RBUS7985 Course
Research Report RBUS7980 Course
Research Thesis RBUS7996 Course
Research Thesis RBUS7992 Course
Research Thesis RBUS7993 Course
Research Thesis RBUS7991 Course
Research Thesis RBUS7995 Course
Research Thesis I TOUR7060 Course
Research Thesis II TOUR7061 Course
Research Trends in Innovation and Entrepreneurship TIMS2301 Course
Resilience and Recovery in Tourism and Events TRVT3003 Course
Responsible AI BSAN7210 Course
Responsible Management for the Global Economy MGTS3610 Course
Responsible Tourism and Ethics TOUR3006 Course
Revenue Management HOSP2006 Course
Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis MGTS7526 Course
Rural Business and Human Resources 2 MGTS1967D Course
Sales and Account Management MKTG3503 Course
Sales and Distribution TRVT2002 Course
Scientific Method in Commerce RBUS6921 Course
Scientific Method in Management RBUS6931 Course
Scientific Methods in Commerce RBUS6923 Course
Securing Business Information BISM7213 Course
Service and Relationship Marketing MKTG2509 Course
Service Design Thinking BLSI7007 Course
Service Innovation Strategy BLSI7011 Course
Service Interactions in a Digital Age BLSI7010 Course
Service Leadership in Hospitality HOSP7053 Course
Service Management TOUR3008 Course
Service Quality and Customer Co-Creation MGTS7908 Course
Service Strategy MKTG7504 Course
Social Analytics BSAN7207 Course
Social Enterprises and Not for Profits MGTS7308 Course
Social Entrepreneurship TIMS3304 Course
Social Entrepreneurship in Practice TIMS7329 Course
Social Media Management ADVT7510 Course
Special Interest Tourism TOUR7050 Course
Special Topics in Business RBUS3903 Course
Special Topics in Business I RBUS7913 Course
Special Topics in Business Leadership 1 MGTS7910 Course
Special Topics in Business Leadership 2 MGTS7911 Course
Special Topics in Contemporary Leadership 4 MGTS7714 Course
Special Topics in Management MGTS7819 Course
Startup Entrepreneurship In Practice TIMS7330 Course
Statistical Methods in Business BSAN7204 Course
Statutory Valuation REDE3101 Course
Strategic Advertising Management ADVT7506 Course
Strategic Analysis and Implementation MGTS7905 Course
Strategic Branding MKTG7502 Course
Strategic Event Management EVNT3005 Course
Strategic Hospitality Management HOSP3004 Course
Strategic Human Resource Management MGTS7603 Course
Strategic Human Resource Management MGTS3603 Course
Strategic Human Resources Management MGTS7809 Course
Strategic Management of Tourism & Events TRVT3004 Course
Strategic Marketing Management MKTG7512 Course
Strategic Property Management REDE7203 Course
Strategic Tourism Management TOUR3007 Course
Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation TIMS7328 Course
Strategy in Action MGTS7705 Course
Sustainability Dynamics MGTS7524 Course
Sustainability in Tourism, Hospitality and Events TOUR1003 Course
Sustainable Building Construction Management and Economics REDE7300 Course
Sustainable Real Estate Management REDE3201 Course
Sustainable Tourism TOUR2007 Course
System Dynamics MGTS7523 Course
Systems Thinking MGTS3526 Course
Team Project FINM4411 Course
Technology and Innovation Management TIMS3309 Course
Technology of Business Analytics BSAN3210 Course
Technology of Business Analytics BISM3210 Course
The Business of Professional Sports MGTS3302 Course
The Fundamentals of Designing and Staffing Organisations MGTS7612 Course
Theory and Research in Strategic Management MGTS6301 Course
Tools and Techniques for Business Analysis MGTS7301 Course
Tourism and Event Sponsorship and Fundraising TRVT3002 Course
Tourism and Events Marketing TRVT2001 Course
Tourism and Leisure Futures TOUR2008 Course
Tourism and Leisure Operations Management TOUR2002 Course
Tourism Field Studies TOUR3010 Course
Tourism Field Studies TOUR3003 Course
Tourism in Developing Economies TOUR7053 Course
Tourism Industry Placement TOUR7999 Course
Tourism Policy and Planning TOUR3001 Course
Tourism Sales and Distribution TOUR2011 Course
Tourism Thesis TOUR7009 Course
Tourism, Hospitality & Event Industries TOUR7020 Course
Tourism, Hospitality & Event Service TOUR7021 Course
Tourist and Visitor Behaviour TOUR2001 Course
Transformative Innovation for 21st Century Challenges TIMS3310 Course
Transforming Business with Information Systems BISM1201 Course
Travel Distribution and Transport Systems TOUR7052 Course
Treasury Management in the Public Sector FINM7905 Course
Understanding Cultures in International Business IBUS2309 Course
Valuation for Statutory Purposes REDE7101 Course
Valuation of Industrial and Commercial Property REDE7100 Course
Valuation of Specialist Properties REDE7102 Course
Valuation Principles REDE1100 Course
Value Creation in Service BLSI7005 Course
Visitor Experience and Marketing TOUR1002 Course
Visitor Management TOUR7031 Course
Visual Analytics BSAN7208 Course
Wise Leadership MGTS7618 Course

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