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"Baroque and Beyond, 1600-1900" ARTT2105 Course
"Contemporary British and American Fiction: Ethics, Politics,and Literature" ENGL2070 Course
Academic & Corporate Editing WRIT7025 Course
Adaptation: Studies in Transmission Between Cultures and Forms ENGL3030 Course
Advanced Disciplinary Studies & Practices 1 HHSS6001 Course
Advanced Research Methods ENGL9000 Course
Advanced Writing: Grammar, Syntax and Style WRIT7260 Course
Advanced Writing: Grammar, Syntax and Style WRIT7250 Course
Ancient Greek and Roman Theatre DRAM2090 Course
Art and Architecture in Venice ARTT2116 Course
Art in a Global World ARTT3105 Course
Art in the Modern World ARTT1105 Course
Art Internships & Independent Research ARTT3200 Course
Asian Contemporary Art ARTT2107 Course
Australia Pacific Indigenous Arts ARTT2103 Course
Australian Art ARTT2127 Course
Australian Drama DRAM2050 Course
Australian Film and Television MSTU2006 Course
Australian Indigenous Studies Field School AUST2200 Course
Australian Literature ENGL3100 Course
Australian Popular Culture AUST2000 Course
Broadcast Journalism JOUR2000 Course
Communication Research Methods COMU2030 Course
Communication & Cultural Studies Dissertation COMU6005 Course
Communication & Cultural Studies Dissertation COMU6006 Course
Communication & Cultural Studies Dissertation COMU6100 Course
Communication & Cultural Studies Dissertation COMU6101 Course
Communication and Social Movements COMU7012 Course
Communication Campaigns COMU7301 Course
Communication for Social Change COMU2311 Course
Communication for Social Change Theory COMU7000 Course
Communication for Social Change: Foundations COMU7102 Course
Communication Internship COMU3801 Course
Communication Law and Ethics COMU2160 Course
Communication Management and Leadership COMU7400 Course
Communication Project COMU7002 Course
Communication Research Design COMU7292 Course
Communication Theory COMU7201 Course
Communication Theory and Practice COMU7101 Course
Community Informatics COMU7014 Course
Contemporary Australia AUST1000 Course
Contemporary Literature: Reading & Writing ENGL1500 Course
Contemporary Theatre & Performance DRAM2040 Course
Contemporary Theories of Film and Television MSTU3150 Course
Corporate Social Responsibility COMU7430 Course
Creative Writing Workshop WRIT9510 Course
Creative Writing: Narrative Fiction WRIT1110 Course
Creative Writing: Poetics WRIT2100 Course
Creative Writing: Screenwriting WRIT2120 Course
Creativity: Myths, Methods & Impact HUMN3700 Course
Cultures of Automation COMU3025 Course
Data and Society COMU1130 Course
Data Journalism JOUR3000 Course
Digital Analytics COMU3120 Course
Digital Arts Exhibition COMU3202 Course
Digital Arts Project COMU3201 Course
Digital Curation: Objects, Exhibitions, Content MUSM7013 Course
Digital Media Industries COMU2140 Course
Digital Media Theory and Practice COMU7304 Course
Digital Project COMU3100 Course
Digital Storytelling COMU7025 Course
Directing & Dramaturgy: From History to Workshop DRAM3105 Course
Dissertation WRIT7320 Course
Dissertation WRIT7300 Course
Dissertation WRIT7310 Course
Dissertation WRIT7120 Course
Dissertation WRIT7110 Course
Dissertation WRIT7100 Course
Editing the Manuscript WRIT7070 Course
Elements of Performance DRAM1010 Course
English Grammar and Style WRIT1101X Course
Ethics and Law for Communicators COMU7500 Course
European Theatre from Renaissance to Revolution DRAM2020 Course
Experimentation in 20th Century Theatre DRAM2030 Course
Fiction, Ideas, Creativity WRIT7050 Course
Field Study - Journalism & Communication JOUR3122 Course
Film and Television History: From the Cinematograph to CGI and Netflix MSTU2160 Course
Film Movements & Genres MSTU2005 Course
Fundamentals of Academic Writing WRIT1005 Course
Gaming Cultures COMU2100 Course
Gender and Textuality ENGL3500 Course
Global Digital Cultures COMU3300 Course
Global Digital Cultures COMU3005 Course
Gothic Fiction ENGL2040 Course
Great Works and the Humanities HUMN2100 Course
Honours Research Thesis JOUR6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6500 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6104 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6103 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6401 Course
Honours Research Thesis JOUR6500 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6310 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis COMU6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis JOUR6520 Course
Honours Research Thesis COMU6500 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6500 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6200 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6201 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6400 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6500 Course
Honours Research Thesis JOUR6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis ENGL6300 Course
Honours Research Thesis DRAM6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis COMU6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARTT6998 Course
Honours Seminar DRAM6050 Course
Honours Seminar COMU6050 Course
Honours Seminar ENGL6050 Course
Honours Seminar ARTT6050 Course
Independent Media Studies MSTU3012 Course
Independent Practice: Secondments, Field Trips, Research DRAM3104 Course
Indigenous Art and Culture Field School ARTT2200 Course
Individual Project WRIT7045 Course
Industry Internship WRIT7040 Course
Industry Placement COMU7015 Course
Intercultural Communication COMU7311 Course
Intercultural Communication COMU2170 Course
International Journalism & Mass Communication JOUR2221 Course
Internship HUMN3200 Course
Introduction to Digital Cultures COMU1500 Course
Introduction to Film & Television Studies MSTU1001 Course
Introduction to Strategic Communication COMU1052 Course
Issues and Crisis Management COMU7302 Course
Issues and Stakeholder Engagement COMU3140 Course
Jane Austen and her Influence ENGL2065 Course
Journalism Design JOUR3222 Course
Journalism Internship JOUR3801 Course
Journalism Project JOUR3401 Course
Journalism Thesis JOUR6901 Course
Journalistic Investigation JOUR1710 Course
Journalistic Narratives JOUR1112 Course
Journals, Repositories & Conferences Internship ENGL3020 Course
Literary Classics: Texts and Traditions ENGL1800 Course
Live Theatre Production: Performance Creation & Event Management DRAM2200 Course
Looking at Art ARTT1106 Course
Major Movements in European Theatre (1500-1800) DRAM2025 Course
Media and Identity COMU2150 Course
Media and Society COMU1120 Course
Media Design COMU2120 Course
Media Platforms COMU3110 Course
Media Strategies COMU2180 Course
Media, Communication and the Environment COMU7777 Course
Multimedia COMU1140 Course
News Analysis COMU2130 Course
Nonfiction for Publication: Think Pieces, Features and Podcasts WRIT7055 Course
Participatory Development Communication COMU7013 Course
Participatory Media Production COMU7016 Course
Performative Communication: Presentation and Public Speaking DRAM2400 Course
Performative Communication: Presentation and Public Speaking DRAM7400 Course
Photography from the Daguerrotype to Instagram ARTT3140 Course
Playwriting & Dramaturgy: Creative Practice DRAM3102 Course
Poetry: Tradition and Revolution ENGL2460 Course
Political Communication COMU3222 Course
Postmodern Literature ENGL2630 Course
Postmodernism: Fiction and Theories ENGL3630 Course
Professional Communication WRIT7030 Course
Public Interest Communication COMU3015 Course
Public Relations Project COMU3130 Course
Public Relations Writing COMU1152 Course
Publishing and Professional Practice WRIT7015 Course
Publishing, Editing, and Authorship WRIT3700 Course
Readings in Art History ARTT3100 Course
Realism, Fiction, and Factuality on Screen MSTU3005 Course
Renaissance and Baroque Art ARTT2010 Course
Renaissance Art ARTT2102 Course
Research Design HHSS6000 Course
Research Methods & Project Management ENGL6085 Course
Research Techniques WRIT7005 Course
Risk Communication COMU7111 Course
Shakespeare and His Contemporaries ENGL2060 Course
Social Justice Storytelling JOUR2100 Course
Social Justice Storytelling JOUR3100 Course
Social Media Communication COMU3150 Course
Special Research Topic in Writing, Editing & Publishing WRIT7080 Course
Strategic Communication: Foundations COMU7103 Course
Studies in Photography MSTU2140 Course
Television in the Age of Streaming MSTU2008 Course
The Birth of the Modern: Literature and Thought from 1850 to 1960 ENGL1900 Course
The Novel: Realism, History, Fiction ENGL2440 Course
The Theatre Experience DRAM1100 Course
Theatre Historiography: Making the Connections DRAM3103 Course
Thesis COMU7007 Course
Thesis JOUR6710 Course
Thesis COMU7008 Course
Thesis COMU7009 Course
Thinking about Literature: Criticism and Theory ENGL2405 Course
Topics in Contemporary Art ARTT3101 Course
Topics in Journalism and Communication Studies COMU6008 Course
Understanding the News COMU1050 Course
Victorian to Modern Literature ENGL3900 Course
Visual Arts Curating and Writing ARTT3117 Course
Workplace Writing and Editing WRIT7035 Course
World Literature ENGL2080 Course
Writing & Editing for the Professions WRIT2000 Course
Writing about the Arts WRIT7060 Course
Writing and Publishing for Children and Young Adults WRIT7090 Course
Writing Creative Non-Fiction WRIT3050 Course
Writing Creative Non-Fiction and Memoir WRIT6055 Course
Writing Creatively WRIT1200 Course
Writing the Genre Novel: Heroes, Lovers, and Monsters WRIT2050 Course
Writing the Novel WRIT6110 Course
Writing the Speculative Short Story WRIT7075 Course
Writing: Advanced Project WRIT3000 Course
Writing: Grammar, Syntax, and Style WRIT2250 Course

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