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Additive Manufacturing MATE7015 Course
Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations MECH3200 Course
Advanced Engineering Laboratory Techniques ENGG7602 Course
Advanced Engineering Practice ENGG7600 Course
Advanced Manufacturing MATE7013 Course
Advanced Manufacturing in Practice MECH4950 Course
Advanced Materials Characterization MATE7014 Course
Aero Design and Manufacturing AERO4100 Course
Aerospace Composites AERO7300 Course
Aerospace Composites AERO4300 Course
Aerospace Propulsion AERO4450 Course
Applied Mining Geomechanics MINE3129 Course
Coal Mine Design and Feasibility MINE4125 Course
Coal Mine Strata Control MINE4128 Course
Community Aspects in Resource Development MINE7052 Course
Community Development for the Resources Sector MINE7023 Course
Community Engagement for the Resources Sector MINE7024 Course
Computational Engineering and Data Analysis MECH2700 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics MECH4480 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics MECH6480 Course
Computational Fluid Dynamics MECH7480 Course
Computational Mechanics MECH3780 Course
Control Engineering 1 METR7200 Course
Control Engineering 1 METR4201 Course
Control Engineering 2 METR7203 Course
Control Engineering 2 METR6203 Course
Control System Implementation METR3100 Course
Design of Experiments MECH7101 Course
Electrochemistry & Corrosion CHEE4302 Course
Electrochemistry and Corrosion MATE4302 Course
Engineering Acoustics MECH3250 Course
Engineering Analysis II MECH3750 Course
Engineering Asset Management ENGG4103 Course
Engineering Management & Communication MECH3600 Course
Engineering Placement A ENGG7291 Course
Engineering Placement C ENGG7293 Course
Engineering Placement Semester ENGG7290 Course
Engineering Project 4A ENGG7240 Course
Engineering Project 4A ENGG7241 Course
Engineering Project 4A ENGG7242 Course
Engineering Project 8A ENGG7281 Course
Engineering Project 8A ENGG7282 Course
Engineering Project 8A ENGG7280 Course
Engineering Thesis MECH4501 Course
Engineering Thesis MECH4500 Course
Engineering Thesis ENGG4282 Course
Engineering Thesis ENGG4281 Course
Engineering Thesis ENGG4510 Course
Engineering Thesis ENGG4601 Course
Environmental Performance of Materials MATE7001 Course
Experimental Design ENGG7601 Course
Explosives and Blasting Engineering MINE3125 Course
Finite Element Method & Fracture Mechanics MECH3300 Course
Flight Mechanics and Avionics AERO4200 Course
Fluid Mechanics MECH3410 Course
Frontiers in Renewable Energy Technologies ENGY7210 Course
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics MECH2410 Course
Human Centred Design in the Resources Industry HUFA7502 Course
Hypersonics AERO4470 Course
Incident Investigation & Analysis MINE7042 Course
Integrated Orebody Knowledge MINE3110 Course
Intermediate Mechanical and Space Dynamics MECH2210 Course
Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing MECH2305 Course
Introduction to Mining and Mineral Processing MINE2105 Course
Introduction to Research Practices - The Big Issues ENGG1600 Course
Machine Element Design MECH2100 Course
Major Design Project MECH4552 Course
Major Design Project ENGG4552 Course
Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage MATE7016 Course
Materials Selection MECH3301 Course
Mechanical Systems Design MECH3100 Course
Mechatronic System Design Project 1 METR2800 Course
Mine Design and Feasibility MINE4124 Course
Mine Geotechnical Engineering MINE4120 Course
Mine Management MINE4121 Course
Mine Occupational Health & Safety Management MINE7041 Course
Mine Planning and Sustainability MINE3123 Course
Mine Process Optimisation MINE4129 Course
Mine Ventilation MINE3124 Course
Mining Data Analytics MINE2107 Course
Mining Research Project I MINE4122 Course
Mining Research Project II MINE4123 Course
Mining Systems and Automation MINE3122 Course
Nanomaterials MATE6301 Course
Nanomaterials CHEE4301 Course
Nanomaterials CHEE7601 Course
Net Shape Manufacturing MECH4304 Course
Professional Engineering and the Business Environment: Global Practice ENGG7901 Course
Professional Engineering Project ENGG4011 Course
Professional Engineering Project ENGG4013 Course
Project or Thesis V MINE7009 Course
Project or Thesis V MINE7029 Course
Regional and Local Economic Development in the Resources Sector MINE7055 Course
Research Methods for the Resources Sector MINE7056 Course
Research Project ENGG7340 Course
Research Project ENGG7341 Course
Research Project ENGG7342 Course
Research Thesis ENGG4600 Course
Research Thesis ENGG7381 Course
Research Thesis MINE7209 Course
Research Thesis ENGG7382 Course
Research Thesis MINE7109 Course
Resource Estimation MINE3120 Course
Resource Geology & Mine Surveying MINE2106 Course
Resources Sector Risk Management MINE7033 Course
Science and Engineering of Metals MECH2310 Course
Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining MINE3127 Course
Space Engineering AERO4800 Course
Special Project in the Resources Sector MINE7035 Course
Special Topics D MECH4951 Course
Special Topics III MINE7003 Course
Special Topics in Engineering I ENGG7201 Course
Special Topics in Mining I MINE3108 Course
Special Topics in Mining II MINE3109 Course
Structural Mechanics for Mining MINE2123 Course
Structures and Materials MECH2300 Course
Surface Mining Systems MINE3128 Course
Sustainable Development in the Resources Sector MINE7053 Course
Sustainable Development in the Resources Sector - Tools and Integration MINE7061 Course
Sustainable Management of Risk in Industry MINE7032 Course
Systems Engineering Principles MECH3610 Course
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer MECH3400 Course
Thesis MINE7010 Course
Underground Mining Systems MINE3126 Course
Water Management in the Resources Sector MINE7050 Course

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