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Administrative Law LAWS2115 Course
Administrative Law LAWS3701 Course
Advanced Crime and Criminology LAWS5171 Course
Advanced Jurisprudence LAWS5172 Course
Advanced Legal Drafting LAWS5179 Course
Advanced Research LAWS4114 Course
Advanced Studies in Contract LAWS7948 Course
Advanced Tax LAWS5223 Course
Advanced Tax LAWS7223 Course
Alternative Dispute Resolution LAWS5212 Course
Asian Legal Systems LAWS5167 Course
Asian Legal Systems LAWS7167 Course
Business and Corporate Law LAWS7023 Course
Business Law LAWS1100 Course
Business Taxation LAWS7012 Course
Civil Dispute Resolution LAWS4701 Course
Civil Procedure LAWS5215 Course
Clinical Legal Education LAWS5180 Course
Clinical Legal Education LAWS7180 Course
Commercial Conflict of Laws LAWS7979 Course
Commercial Equity Litigation LAWS7835 Course
Commercial Law LAWS7136 Course
Commercial Law LAWS5136 Course
Comparative Constitutional Law LAWS7939 Course
Comparative Criminal Law LAWS7970 Course
Competition Law LAWS7138 Course
Competition Law LAWS5138 Course
Conflict of Laws LAWS5153 Course
Constitutional Government & Public Power LAWS7801 Course
Constitutional Law LAWS3700 Course
Constitutional Law LAWS1116 Course
Consumer Law LAWS5142 Course
Copyright Law LAWS7206 Course
Copyright Law LAWS5206 Course
Corporate Governance LAWS7026 Course
Corporate Governance Law LAWS7893 Course
Corporate Law LAWS4112 Course
Corporate Law LAWS3702 Course
Corporations Law LAWS3100 Course
Criminal Law LAWS2708 Course
Criminal Law and Procedure A LAWS2113 Course
Criminal Law and Procedure B LAWS2114 Course
Criminal Law in Context LAWS2220 Course
Criminal Law: Principles, Offences and Defences LAWS2700 Course
Criminal Law: Process and Procedure LAWS2701 Course
Cultural Heritage Law LAWS7828 Course
Current Issues in International Law (Private) LAWS7723 Course
Current Issues in International Law (Public) LAWS7724 Course
Current Issues in Legal Practice LAWS7725 Course
Current Issues in Private Law LAWS7721 Course
Current Issues in Public Law LAWS7722 Course
Dissertation A LAWS7944 Course
Dissertation B LAWS7904 Course
Dissertation B LAWS7718 Course
Dissertation B LAWS7717 Course
Dissertation B LAWS7826 Course
Dissertation B LAWS7716 Course
Environmental Law LAWS5134 Course
Environmental Law LAWS7134 Course
Estate Planning LAWS7703 Course
Ethics and the Legal Profession LAWS3703 Course
European Union Law LAWS5162 Course
Family Law LAWS7121 Course
Family Law LAWS5121 Course
Foundations of Law LAWS1700 Course
Foundations of Property Law LAWS2706 Course
Fundamentals of the Common Law LAWS7936 Course
Human Rights Law LAWS7124 Course
Human Rights Law LAWS5124 Course
Immigration and Refugee Law LAWS7202 Course
Immigration and Refugee Law LAWS5202 Course
Income Tax Law LAWS3101 Course
Insurance and Commercial Law LAWS7860 Course
Insurance Law LAWS5139 Course
Intellectual Property Law LAWS7708 Course
Interests in Property LAWS2707 Course
International Admiralty and Maritime Law LAWS7865 Course
International Commercial Arbitration Law LAWS7868 Course
International Commercial Dispute Resolution LAWS7028 Course
International Dispute Settlement LAWS7953 Course
International Human Rights Law LAWS7156 Course
International Law & Development LAWS7987 Course
International Maritime Trade Law LAWS7876 Course
International Sale of Goods Law LAWS7988 Course
International Trade Finance Law LAWS7974 Course
International Trade Law LAWS5163 Course
International Trade Law LAWS7163 Course
International Trade Law and Technology LAWS7027 Course
Interpretation of Statutes & Instruments LAWS7709 Course
Introduction to Taxation Law LAWS5144 Course
Introduction to Taxation Law LAWS7144 Course
Islamic Law LAWS5189 Course
Islamic Law LAWS7189 Course
Jessup International Law Moot LAWS7165 Course
Jessup International Law Moot LAWS5165 Course
Jurisprudence LAWS4111 Course
Jurisprudence LAWS3704 Course
Labour Law LAWS7122 Course
Labour Law LAWS5122 Course
Law and Indigenous Peoples LAWS5135 Course
Law and Technology LAWS7151 Course
Law and Technology LAWS5151 Course
Law in the Criminal Justice System LAWS1110 Course
Law Journals LAWS5181 Course
Law Moot A LAWS5208 Course
Law Moot B LAWS5209 Course
Law of Armed Conflict LAWS7711 Course
Law of Contract A LAWS2111 Course
Law of Contract B LAWS2112 Course
Law of Contract I: Principles of Contractual Agreement LAWS1701 Course
Law of Contract II: Principles of Contractual Liability LAWS1702 Course
Law of Evidence LAWS4700 Course
Law of Evidence LAWS5216 Course
Law of Political Institutions LAWS5227 Course
Law of Property A LAWS3111 Course
Law of Property B LAWS3112 Course
Law of the World Trade Organization LAWS7853 Course
Law of Torts A LAWS1113 Course
Law of Torts B LAWS1114 Course
Law of Torts I LAWS2702 Course
Law of Torts II LAWS2703 Course
Law of Trusts A LAWS3113 Course
Law of Trusts B LAWS3114 Course
Law, Justice and Society LAWS1112 Course
Law, Technology and Global Business LAWS7855 Course
Law, Terrorism and Human Rights LAWS7713 Course
Legal Method LAWS1111 Course
Legal Reasoning LAWS7840 Course
Major Dissertation A LAWS7701 Course
Major Dissertation B LAWS7707 Course
Major Dissertation B LAWS7719 Course
Major Dissertation B LAWS7706 Course
Marine Insurance Law LAWS7951 Course
Maritime Law LAWS5160 Course
Maritime Law LAWS7160 Course
Media Law LAWS5127 Course
Media Law LAWS7127 Course
Mediation and Conflict Management LAWS7851 Course
Medical Law LAWS5126 Course
Medical Law LAWS7126 Course
Native Title Law and Practice LAWS7908 Course
Natural Resources Law LAWS7805 Course
Pacific Comparative Law LAWS7917 Course
Personal & Corporate Insolvency LAWS7220 Course
Personal and Corporate Insolvency LAWS5220 Course
Planning Law LAWS5131 Course
Principles of General Insurance Law LAWS7139 Course
Principles of International Law LAWS7710 Course
Principles of Public Law LAWS1115 Course
Principles of Public Law LAWS1703 Course
Privacy Law LAWS5228 Course
Privacy Law LAWS7228 Course
Private International Law LAWS7153 Course
Private Law LAWS7025 Course
Protecting Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets LAWS7029 Course
Public International Law LAWS5154 Course
Public International Law LAWS7154 Course
Public International Law LAWS3705 Course
Public Law LAWS7021 Course
Real Estate Law LAWS7017 Course
Real Estate Law LAWS2000 Course
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Law: Rights and Realities LAWS7714 Course
Research Project A LAWS5183 Course
Special Topic A LAWS5182 Course
Special Topic A LAWS7849 Course
Special Topic B LAWS5224 Course
Special Topic B LAWS7224 Course
Special Topic B LAWS7850 Course
Special Topic C LAWS7225 Course
Special Topic C LAWS5225 Course
Special Topic C LAWS7930 Course
Special Topic D LAWS7931 Course
Special Topic D LAWS5229 Course
States in Transition: Issues in Constitutional and International Law LAWS7715 Course
Succession Law LAWS5130 Course
Succession Law LAWS7130 Course
Supervised Research Project LAWS7825 Course
The Legal Profession LAWS5217 Course
Theories in Dispute Resolution LAWS7841 Course
Tort Claims Against Government - Private Remedies for Public Wrongs LAWS5221 Course
Transnational Crime and International Criminal Justice LAWS3330 Course
Transnational Organised Crime Working Group LAWS5231 Course
Transnational Perspectives in Law LAWS5233 Course
Trusts and Equity LAWS2709 Course
Trusts and Equity I LAWS2704 Course
Trusts and Equity II LAWS2705 Course
Unjust Enrichment LAWS5125 Course

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