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"Learning, Mind and Music Education" EDUC3001 Course
"Music Communication, Writing and Critique" MUSC3540 Course
"Music in War, Protest and Peace" MUSC2710 Course
Adjunct Music Study MUSC3240 Course
Advanced Chamber Music Performance 1 MUSC3155 Course
Advanced Chamber Music Performance 1 MUSC3145 Course
Advanced Chamber Music Performance 2 MUSC4145 Course
Advanced Choral Conducting MUSC7620 Course
Advanced Directing Choral Ensembles MUSC7160 Course
Advanced Instrumental Conducting MUSC7600 Course
Advanced Large Ensembles A MUSC3180 Course
Advanced Large Ensembles B MUSC3190 Course
Advanced Large Ensembles C MUSC3280 Course
Advanced Large Ensembles D MUSC3290 Course
Advanced Music Theory MUSC7460 Course
Advanced Music Theory and Techniques MUSC7640 Course
Advanced Musicianship MUSC7060 Course
Advanced Musicianship 1 MUSC2620 Course
Advanced Musicianship 2 MUSC2630 Course
Applications of Music Technology MUSC7010 Course
Becoming A Professional Music Educator EDUC3002 Course
Chamber Music Performance MUSC2145 Course
Composing Music MUSC7880 Course
Composing Music: techniques and strategies for creating music MUSC7790 Course
Composition 3 MUSC3231 Course
Composition 4 MUSC4231 Course
Contemporary Art Music MUSC2510 Course
Contemporary Perspectives in Music Education MUSC7180 Course
Contemporary Perspectives in Music Education MUSC7860 Course
Contemporary Popular Music Studies MUSC2700 Course
Counterpoint MUSC7470 Course
Counterpoint MUSC3600 Course
Creative Music Making MUSC4800 Course
Creative Music Making MUSC3890 Course
Creative Music Production MUSC3010 Course
Directing Choral Ensembles MUSC3160 Course
Directing Instrumental Ensembles MUSC3170 Course
Ensemble Studies 1 MUSC1100 Course
Ensemble Studies 10 MUSC7655 Course
Ensemble Studies 2 MUSC2100 Course
Ensemble Studies 3 MUSC2750 Course
Ensemble Studies 4 MUSC2755 Course
Ensemble Studies 5 MUSC3750 Course
Ensemble Studies 6 MUSC3755 Course
Ensemble Studies 7 MUSC4750 Course
Ensemble Studies 8 MUSC4755 Course
Ensemble Studies 9 MUSC7650 Course
Extended Thesis MUSC7930 Course
Film and Game Music MUSC3720 Course
Independent Study in Historical Musicology MUSC4420 Course
Indigenous Australian Music: Indigenous music-making in Australia MUSC2810 Course
Instrumental and Vocal Studio Pedagogy MUSC7630 Course
Introduction to Guitar MUSC1150 Course
Introduction to Music Psychology MUSC1300 Course
Introduction to Music Technology MUSC1010 Course
Introduction to Musical Analysis MUSC2640 Course
Introduction to Musicianship MUSC1060 Course
Introduction to Popular Music Studies MUSC1700 Course
Large Ensembles B MUSC1110 Course
Large Ensembles D MUSC2110 Course
Multi-Instrumental Pedagogy MUSC3840 Course
Multi-Instrumental Pedagogy B MUSC3850 Course
Music Analysis and Criticism MUSC3580 Course
Music and Human Behaviour MUSC2300 Course
Music Career Skills and Entrepreneurship MUSC3900 Course
Music Education and Psychology Research Methods MUSC4430 Course
Music Honours Project MUSC4500 Course
Music Honours Project MUSC4610 Course
Music in Society 2 MUSC2051 Course
Music Performance A MUSC7820 Course
Music Performance B MUSC7830 Course
Music Research Methods MUSC4410 Course
Music Special Project MUSC3910 Course
Music Subcultures and the Media MUSC2000 Course
Music Technology for Live Performance MUSC2010 Course
Music, Cognition & Development MUSC3340 Course
Music, Wellbeing and Health MUSC2310 Course
Musicianship 1 MUSC1600 Course
Musicianship 2 MUSC2060 Course
Musicianship 3 MUSC3060 Course
Musicology and Early Music MUSC2501 Course
Performance Studies 1 MUSC1250 Course
Performance Studies 10 MUSC7260 Course
Performance Studies 2 MUSC1260 Course
Performance Studies 3 MUSC2250 Course
Performance Studies 4 MUSC2260 Course
Performance Studies 5 MUSC3255 Course
Performance Studies 6 MUSC3265 Course
Performance Studies 7 MUSC4255 Course
Performance Studies 8 MUSC4265 Course
Performance Studies 9 MUSC7250 Course
Portfolio of Artistic Research MUSC4550 Course
Practical Studies 1 MUSC1201 Course
Practical Studies 2 MUSC2215 Course
Practical Studies 2 MUSC2201 Course
Practical Studies 3 MUSC3215 Course
Practical Studies 3 MUSC3201 Course
Practical Studies 3 MUSC3211 Course
Practical Studies 4 MUSC4211 Course
Practical Studies 4 MUSC4201 Course
Professional Engagement Project MUSC7710 Course
Psychology for Musicians: Performing, Teaching and Wellbeing MUSC7370 Course
Research Methods for the Music Professions MUSC7700 Course
Research Project MUSC7906 Course
Research Project MUSC7900 Course
Research Project MUSC7905 Course
Songwriting MUSC3730 Course
Sound Recording Practice MUSC3020 Course
Teaching Music MUSC3780 Course
Technology in Music Education MUSC7730 Course
Thesis MUSC7920 Course
Thesis MUSC4630 Course
Thesis MUSC7001 Course
Thesis MUSC7000 Course
Western Art Music 1700-1900: Approaches and Concepts MUSC1050 Course
Work Integrated Learning MUSC4270 Course

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