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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health INDH1005 Course
Advanced Biostatistics & Epidemiology PUBH7632 Course
Advanced Discipline Readings HLTH6000 Course
Alcohol in Contemporary Society PUBH7028 Course
Bayesian Statistical Methods STAT7613 Course
Categorical Data & Generalised Linear Models STAT7608 Course
Causal Inference STAT7615 Course
Clinical Biostatistics STAT7605 Course
Clinical Epidemiology PUBH7650 Course
Communicable Disease Management & Control PUBH7101 Course
Communicable Disease Management & Control for Medicine PUBH7289 Course
Community & Public Health Nutrition NUTR3012 Course
Cost Effectiveness in Health and Medicine PUBH7618 Course
Data Management & Statistical Computing STAT7603 Course
Design of Randomised Controlled Trials STAT7606 Course
Directed Studies in Population Health B PUBH7111 Course
Directed Studies in Public Health PUBH7110 Course
Dissertation PUBH7955 Course
Dissertation PUBH7959 Course
Dissertation (full time study) PUBH7950 Course
Dissertation (Part Time Study) PUBH7957 Course
Environmental Health PUBH3009 Course
Environmental Health Risks - Physical Hazards ENVH7003 Course
Epidemiology in Practice PUBH7611 Course
Evidence in Public Health Nutrition NUTR7002 Course
Exploring Wicked Problems in Health PUBH1110 Course
First Nations Health and Wellbeing INDH7002 Course
Foundations of Public Health PUBH7033 Course
Fundamentals of Major Diseases PUBH7047 Course
Global Health & Development PUBH7113 Course
Global Health and Infectious Disease PUBH3010 Course
Global Health Policy in Practice PUBH7645 Course
Health Aspects of Disasters PUBH7117 Course
Health Data Analysis PUBH2007 Course
Health Indicators & Health Surveys STAT7602 Course
Health Policy in Practice PUBH3002 Course
Health Promotion Implementation and Evaluation PUBH7036 Course
Health Promotion in Public Health PUBH7034 Course
Health Promotion Planning PUBH7035 Course
Health Research and Evidence PUBH1108 Course
Health Services Planning & Evaluation PUBH3001 Course
Health Systems PUBH7614 Course
Health Systems & Policy PUBH1103 Course
Influencing Health Behaviours PUBH3005 Course
Intro to Public Health PUBH1102 Course
Introduction to Biostatistics PUBH7630 Course
Introduction to Biostatistics for Medicine PUBH7290 Course
Introduction to Epidemiology PUBH7600 Course
Introduction to Public Health PUBH7500 Course
Linear Models STAT7607 Course
Longitudinal & Correlated Data STAT7610 Course
Machine Learning for Biostatistics STAT7616 Course
Major Diseases & their control PUBH2008 Course
Managing Global Disease Priorities PUBH7099 Course
Mathematical Background for Biostatistics STAT7601 Course
Mathematical Foundations for Biostatistics STAT7617 Course
Measurement in Health PUBH1109 Course
Mental Health Across the Globe: Challenges & Opportunities PUBH7026 Course
Methods of Clinical Epidemiology PUBH7653 Course
Nutrition & Health NUTR7001 Course
Nutrition in the Lifespan NUTR2003 Course
One Health: Diseases at the Human-Animal interface PUBH7031 Course
Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Public Health Programs PUBH7048 Course
Practical Approaches for Substance Use Intervention HPRM7005 Course
Practical Regression Analyses PUBH7631 Course
Practicum in Health Sciences HLTH3001 Course
Preventing Disease through Healthy Environments PUBH7027 Course
Principles of Statistical Inference STAT7604 Course
Probability & Distributional Theory STAT7614 Course
Project PUBH7900 Course
Project PUBH7901 Course
Project PUBH7903 Course
Project PUBH7902 Course
Project in Biostatistics STAT7622 Course
Public Health Impact Lab PUBH7045 Course
Public Health in Pandemics PUBH7116 Course
Public Health Practice PUBH7120 Course
Public Health Professional Placement PUBH7044 Course
Public Health Research Methods PUBH7000 Course
Qualitative Research: Public Health Applications PUBH7003 Course
Regression Modelling for Biostatistics 1 STAT7618 Course
Regression Modelling for Biostatistics 2 STAT7619 Course
Research and Evidence-Based Practice PUBH7046 Course
Research Methods & Thesis Preparation HLTH6001 Course
Research Project HLTH3007 Course
Research Thesis HLTH6006 Course
Research Thesis HLTH6009 Course
Research Thesis HLTH6008 Course
Research Thesis HLTH6004 Course
Research Thesis HLTH6005 Course
Social Perspectives in Public Health PUBH7620 Course
Special Topics in Biostatistics PUBH7635 Course
Statistical Genomics STAT7611 Course
Substance Use Among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples INDH7001 Course
Substance Use, Harm Reduction and Public Health HPRM7004 Course
Survival Analysis STAT7609 Course
Thesis HLTH6002 Course
Thesis HLTH6003 Course
Tobacco Cessation & Control PUBH7124 Course
Understanding Health Behaviours PUBH2004 Course
Understanding Population Nutrition NUTR3011 Course

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