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"Culture, Conflict and Reconciliation" POLS7510 Course
"Power, Politics & Society" POLS1601 Course
Australian Foreign Policy POLS2201 Course
Building Resilience and Managing Disasters POLS7600S Course
Comparative Public Policy POLS7113 Course
Conceptions of World Politics POLS3208 Course
Conflict and Nonviolent Change POLS2503 Course
Conflict Resolution POLS7502 Course
Contemporary Peacekeeping POLS7504 Course
Contested Peace: Critical Concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies POLS7512 Course
Creativity and Design in Political Research POLS6316 Course
Creativity and Design in Political Research POLS6315 Course
Creativity and Design in Political Research POLS6317 Course
Culture and World Politics POLS2224 Course
Democratic Politics: From Parties to Protest POLS3104 Course
Diplomacy and Development POLS7311 Course
Dynamics of Governance POLS7101 Course
Dynamics of Public Policy POLS7111 Course
Economic Analysis and Public Policy POLS7406 Course
Environmental Politics & Policy POLS3115 Course
Ethics and Human Rights POLS7503 Course
Ethics in International Politics POLS3502 Course
European Political Issues POLS2217 Course
Evolution of the International System POLS7216 Course
Foreign Policy and Diplomacy POLS7225 Course
Foundations in International Relations POLS7258 Course
Foundations in Political Ideas POLS7013 Course
Foundations in Politics, Policy and International Relations POLS7002 Course
Foundations in Public Policy POLS7012 Course
Frontiers of Research POLS6325 Course
Frontiers of Research POLS6326 Course
Gender and Global Politics POLS2603 Course
Gender and the Global Politics of Development POLS7509 Course
Gender, Peace and Security in Global and Local Perspective POLS7523 Course
Global Governance: Origins, Challenges and Trajectories POLS7229 Course
Global Media, War and Peace POLS3512 Course
Global Political Thought POLS2302 Course
Global Security POLS2209 Course
Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development POLS7107 Course
Governance & Australian Public Policy POLS3102 Course
Governance and Regionalism in the Asia Pacific POLS7409 Course
Honours Research Thesis POLS6700 Course
Honours Research Thesis POLS6710 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A POLS6305 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A POLS6306 Course
Humanitarian Emergencies POLS7232 Course
Humanitarianism and Power in World Politics POLS3222 Course
Humanitarianism in World Politics POLS2222 Course
Independent Study POLS7207 Course
Independent Study POLS3802 Course
Independent Study (Master of Governance and Public Policy) POLS7108 Course
Indigenous Politics & Policy POLS2101 Course
Indigenous Politics within and beyond the state POLS7190 Course
International Crisis Management POLS7306 Course
International Organisations & Political Cooperation POLS2211 Course
International Political Economy POLS2402 Course
International Political Economy of the Asia Pacific POLS7408 Course
International Relations of East Asia POLS2204 Course
International Relations of the Asia- Pacific POLS7208 Course
International Relations of the Twentieth Century POLS2409 Course
International Security POLS7211 Course
Internship POLS3801 Course
Internship POLS7521 Course
Internship (Master of Governance and Public Policy) POLS7125 Course
Introduction to Australian Politics POLS1101 Course
Introduction to International Inequality & Development POLS1701 Course
Introduction to International Relations POLS1201 Course
Introduction to Peace & Conflict Analysis POLS1501 Course
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies POLS7550 Course
Introduction to Political Ideas POLS1301 Course
Knowledge and Evidence in Public Policy POLS7114 Course
Landmarks of Political Science POLS3803 Course
Law, Policy and Governance POLS7110 Course
Mediation CRMD7000 Course
New Security Challenges POLS7226 Course
Overview of Australian Political Institutions POLS7100 Course
Peacebuilding POLS7505 Course
Policy Challenges of Asia-Pacific Security POLS3206 Course
Policy Development and Practice POLY3000 Course
Policy Practice POLS3807 Course
Political Attitudes & Political Behaviour POLS3118 Course
Political Problems and Public Policy POLS1102 Course
Politics & the Economy POLS2401 Course
Politics of Development POLS7302 Course
Politics of Environmental Change POLS7115 Course
Politics of International Law POLS7260 Course
Politics, Philosophy, Economics 1: A Short History PPES1101 Course
Politics, Philosophy, Economics 2: Foundations of Policy Problems PPES2101 Course
Power and Order in Transnational Politics POLS3203 Course
Practices of Atrocity Prevention POLS7532 Course
Preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence POLS7524 Course
Preventing War Crimes and Atrocities POLS7530 Course
Principles of Research: Social and Comparative Perspectives POLS2703 Course
Regulating War: Restricting Nuclear and Other Weapons POLS7506 Course
Research Methods POLS7701 Course
Research Project POLS7223 Course
Research Project POLS7224 Course
Research Project POLS7220 Course
Research Project (MGPP) POLS7121 Course
Research Project (MGPP) POLS7120 Course
Research Project MGPP POLS7122 Course
Research Report POLS7704 Course
Research Thesis POLS7410 Course
Research Thesis POLS7708 Course
Research Thesis POLS7706 Course
Research Thesis POLS7709 Course
Research Thesis POLS7705 Course
Researching Politics POLS7001 Course
Security and Development POLS7325 Course
Specialist Studies in Peace and Conflict POLS7518 Course
Strategic Studies POLS7228 Course
Studying Peace and Conflict POLS7551 Course
Terrorism and Insurgency in World Politics POLS2207 Course
The Political Dynamics of Development and Resistance POLS2404 Course
The Politics and Power of Nonviolence POLS7514 Course
The Politics of Peacebuilding POLS3511 Course
Theories in International Relations POLS7251 Course
Theories of Peace and Conflict Studies POLS2515 Course
Writing Politics POLS7000 Course

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