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"Introduction to Psychology: Minds, Brains and Behaviour" PSYC1020 Course
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy PSYC7241 Course
Addiction Science and Practice PSYC7261 Course
Advanced Clinical Health Psychology PSYC8111 Course
Advanced Clinical Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation PSYC8181 Course
Advanced Interpersonal Skills COUN7006 Course
Advanced Organisational Psychology PSYC7454 Course
Advanced Personnel Assessment PSYC7494 Course
Advanced Personnel Training PSYC7484 Course
Advanced Psychological Research Methodology PSYC7514 Course
Advanced Seminar in Psychology 1 PSYC4991 Course
Advanced Seminar in Psychology II PSYC4992 Course
Advanced Seminar in Psychology III PSYC4993 Course
Advanced Topics in Child Development PSYC4371 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology I PSYC4881 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology II PSYC4882 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology III PSYC4883 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology IV PSYC4884 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology V PSYC4885 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology VI PSYC4886 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology VII PSYC4887 Course
Advanced Topics in Psychology VIII PSYC4888 Course
Advanced Topics in Social Cognition & Group Processes PSYC4311 Course
Applied Gerontology PSYC8291 Course
Applied Psychology Dissertation Part A PSYC7800 Course
Applied Research Methods PSYC7474 Course
Applied Social Psychology PSYC4181 Course
Assessment in Psychological Practice PSYC7112 Course
Attitudes & Social Cognition PSYC3122 Course
Behavioural Family Intervention PSYC7052 Course
Business Psychology Project A PSYC7415 Course
Business Psychology Project B PSYC7425 Course
Business Psychology Project C PSYC7435 Course
Business Skills for Consultants PSYC7405 Course
Child & Adolescent Behavioural Assessment & Therapy PSYC7042 Course
Child and Adolescent Emotional Health PSYC7043 Course
Clin Clin Neuro Psych Plcmnt 1 PSYC8303 Course
Clin Clin Neuro Psych Plcmnt 2 PSYC8304 Course
Clin Clin Neuro Psych Plcmnt 3 PSYC8360 Course
Clinical Health Approaches PSYC7808 Course
Clinical Leadership and Supervision PSYC8191 Course
Clinical Neuropsychology PSYC8171 Course
Clinical Psychology Dissertation PSYC7021 Course
Clinical Psychology Dissertation Part A PSYC7011 Course
Clinical Psychology Placement 1 PSYC8301 Course
Clinical Psychology Placement 2 PSYC8302 Course
Clinical Psychology Placement 2 PSYC8320 Course
Clinical Psychology Placement 4 PSYC8330 Course
Clinical Psychopathology PSYC7191 Course
Clinical Skills PSYC7211 Course
Cognitive Behaviour Therapies for Adults PSYC7291 Course
Cognitive Neuroscience NEUR3302 Course
Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC3302 Course
Counselling and Mental Health COUN7005 Course
Counselling for Health and Capacity Challenges COUN7015 Course
Counselling Placement B PSYC7850 Course
Counselling Placement D PSYC7860 Course
Couples Therapy PSYC7804 Course
Current Issues in Psychology 1 PSYC4981 Course
Current Issues in Psychology II PSYC4982 Course
Developmental Disorders of Childhood PSYC2311 Course
Developmental Perspectives on the Origins of Human Culture PSYC3282 Course
Developmental Psychology PSYC2030 Course
Dissertation PSYC8010 Course
Dissertation - In Progress PSYC8005 Course
Doctor of Psychology Dissertation Part A PSYC8011 Course
Doctor of Psychology Dissertation Part A PSYC8012 Course
Ethical Considerations for Psychologists PSYC4060 Course
Ethical Practice and Research Approaches PSYC7231 Course
Evidence based Parenting and Family Intervention PSYC7053 Course
Evidence-based Psychotherapies PSYC7251 Course
Evolutionary & Comparative Perspectives in Psychology PSYC4361 Course
Evolutionary Approaches to Human Behaviour PSYC3262 Course
Externship Placement 3 PSYC8350 Course
Externship Placement 3 PSYC8340 Course
Foundations of Psychological Intervention PSYC7803 Course
From Classic to Contemporary Topics in Organisational Psychology PSYC4211 Course
Functional Neuroanatomy and Cognitive Disorders PSYC8161 Course
Group Supervised Thesis PSYC4092 Course
Improving Human Performance PSYC4191 Course
Individual Research Thesis PSYC4071 Course
Industrial & Organisational Psychology PSYC3202 Course
Intergroup Relations & Group Processes PSYC3142 Course
Introduction to Applied Practice in Sport & Exercise Psychology PSYC7775 Course
Introduction to Human Factors PSYC3062 Course
Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology PSYC1030 Course
Job & Organisational Design PSYC7424 Course
Judgment & Decision-Making PSYC3052 Course
Learning & Cognition PSYC2050 Course
Master of Psychology Dissertation PSYC7811 Course
Measurement in Psychology PSYC3020 Course
Mental Health and Therapy PSYC7805 Course
Motivating & Leading in the Workplace PSYC7594 Course
Neuroscience for Psychologists PSYC2020 Course
Neuroscience for Psychologists NEUR2020 Course
Organisational Change: Theory & Practice PSYC7464 Course
Organisational Psych Plcmnt 1 PSYC7524 Course
Organisational Psych Plcmnt 2 PSYC7534 Course
Organisational Psych Plcmnt 3 PSYC7544 Course
Organisational Psych Plcmnt 4 PSYC7554 Course
Organisational Psychology Dissertation PSYC7400 Course
Organisational Psychology Dissertation Part A PSYC7414 Course
Parenting and Family Psychology PSYC3312 Course
Positive Psychology PSYC2381 Course
Psych Plcmnt 1 PSYC7810 Course
Psych Plcmnt 2 PSYC7820 Course
Psych Plcmnt 3 PSYC7830 Course
Psych Plcmnt 4 PSYC7840 Course
Psychological Approaches to Complex Problems PSYC2063 Course
Psychological Research Methodology PSYC7010 Course
Psychological Research Methodology I PSYC1040 Course
Psychological Research Methodology II PSYC2010 Course
Psychological Research Methodology III PSYC3010 Course
Psychological Research Methodology IV PSYC4050 Course
Psychological Research: Interpretation & Evaluation PSYC3042 Course
Psychological Skills Training Techniques in Sport PSYC7725 Course
Psychology of Criminal Justice PSYC2361 Course
Psychology of Emotion PSYC3292 Course
Psychology: Brain and Cognition PSYC7901 Course
Psychology: Individual and Social Behaviour PSYC7902 Course
Psychopathology PSYC3102 Course
Psychotherapies and Counselling PSYC3082 Course
Public Health Psychology PSYC8017 Course
Readings in Organisational Psychology PSYC7584 Course
Rehabilitation Psychology PSYC8018 Course
Research Experience I PSYC2991 Course
Research Experience II PSYC2992 Course
Research Practicum PSYC3991 Course
Research Practicum II PSYC3992 Course
Sensory Neuroscience PSYC3192 Course
Sensory Neuroscience NEUR3192 Course
Social & Organisational Psychology PSYC2040 Course
Special Topics in Clinical Psychology PSYC4341 Course
Sport Psychology Placement B PSYC7745 Course
Sport Psychology Placement D PSYC7755 Course
Team Research Thesis PSYC4091 Course
The Brain and Behavioural Sciences NEUR1020 Course
The Neuroscience of Social Behaviour NEUR3272 Course
The Neuroscience of Social Behaviour PSYC3272 Course
The New Psychology of Health HLTH3132 Course
The New Psychology of Health PSYC3132 Course
The Psychology of Communication COMU1030 Course
The Psychology of Communication PSYC1100 Course
The Psychology of Criminal Justice CRIM1101X Course
The Science of Everyday Thinking PSYC2371 Course
The Scientist-Practitioner Model PSYC4121 Course
Topics in Applied Psychology PSYC3034 Course
Topics in Perception & Cognition PSYC4331 Course
Topics in Social Psychology PSYC3032 Course
Understanding and Caring for Those Affected by Loss COUN7014 Course
Understanding and Caring for Those Affected by Loss PSYC7807 Course
Work and Research in Applied Psychology PSYC4221 Course

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