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"Community Planning, Engagement and Governance" SOSC7123 Course
"Crime, Victims and Justice" CRIM2011 Course
"Families, Households and the Life Course" SOCY2040 Course
"Gender, Sexuality and Society: An Introduction" SOCY1060 Course
"Sex, Drugs and Disease: Health of the Marginalised" SOCY2179 Course
Aboriginal Heritage: Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives ANTH2098 Course
Advanced Criminological Theory CRIM3039 Course
Advanced Heritage Field School ARCA7010 Course
Advanced Issues in Qualitative Inquiry SOCY7329 Course
Advanced Professional Practice in Criminology CRIM3111 Course
Advanced Research A CRIM4111 Course
Advanced Research B CRIM4112 Course
Advanced Research in Archaeology ARCS3001 Course
Advanced Studies in Social Thought: Getting the Big Picture SOCY3345 Course
Advanced Theory & Methodology for Honours Students ANTH6010 Course
Agency, Participation and Social Change HUMN3600 Course
An Urban World SOCY2340 Course
Ancient Civilisations: Archaeology of Mesopotamia, Turkey and The Levant before Alexander the Great' ARCA2150 Course
Ancient Technologies: Experimental and Analytical Approaches to Understanding Past Technologies ARCS2010 Course
Animals and Archaeology: Analytical approaches to understanding past human-animal relationships ARCS2090 Course
Animals and Archaeology: analytical approaches to understanding past human-animal relationships ARCS3020 Course
Anthropological Futures ANTH3140 Course
Anthropology of Current World Issues ANTH1101X Course
Anthropology of Current World Issues ANTH1030 Course
Anthropology of Current World Issues ANTH1101 Course
Applied Anthropology and Indigenous Territories ANTH7260 Course
Applied Anthropology and Indigenous Territories ANTH2260 Course
Applied Museology MUSM7012 Course
Applied Quantitative Research SOCY3039 Course
Applied Quantitative Research SOCY7039 Course
Applied Research in Heritage Management ARCA7007 Course
Archaeology Field School ARCS2060 Course
Archaeology Honours Research Seminar 1 ARCA6030 Course
Archaeology Honours Research Seminar 2 ARCA6040 Course
Archaeology of the Pacific Islands ARCS2025 Course
Archaeology of the Pacific Islands ARCA2025 Course
Australasian Archaeology ARCA2020 Course
Australian Crime Policy CRIM2120 Course
Australian Crime Policy CRIM7120 Course
Being Human: Cultural Diversity and Experience ANTH1008 Course
Bioarchaeology: Human remains and ancient disease ARCS2070 Course
Collections MUSM7002 Course
Community Cultural Development SOSC2133 Course
Community Cultural Development SOSC7133 Course
Community Development: Local and International Practices SOSC7288 Course
Community Development: Local and International Practices SOSC2288 Course
Comparative Criminology CRIM2300 Course
Consumption & Material Culture ANTH2018 Course
Correctional Practice CRIM3100 Course
Crime Prevention Policy and Practice CRIM3070 Course
Crime Prevention Practice CRIM3120 Course
Crime Prevention, Policy & Practice' CRIM7121 Course
Crime, Race and Gender CRIM2099 Course
Criminal Justice Case Study CRIM4102 Course
Criminal Minds CRIM2030 Course
Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Thesis CRIM4103 Course
Critical Anthropology & Indigenous Australians ANTH2010 Course
Critical Studies in World Prehistory ARCA3100 Course
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Health ANTH7250 Course
Cultural Heritage Management ARCA2118 Course
Current Issues & Debates in Sociology SOCY3200 Course
Cyber Crime Foundations CRIM7010 Course
Cyber Crime Offending CRIM7060 Course
Cyber Criminology and Global Security CRIM7080 Course
Development Effectiveness: Interdisciplinary and Critical Perspectives SOSC7140 Course
Development Practice & Social Impact ANTH3019 Course
Development Practice Thesis SOSC7100 Course
Development Practice Thesis Part A SOSC7102 Course
Development Practice Thesis Part A SOSC7101 Course
Digital Heritage: Theory and Practice MUSM7011 Course
Discovering Archaeology ARCA1000 Course
Dissertation Heritage Management ARCA7008 Course
Dissertation Museum Studies MUSM7008 Course
Dissertation Museum Studies MUSM7018 Course
Dissertation Museum Studies MUSM7028 Course
Doing Archaeology ARCS1001 Course
Ecology, Culture, and Field Research' ANTH2060 Course
Egyptian Archaeology: Past, present and future ARCA2140 Course
Environmental Anthropology ANTH7001 Course
Environmental Archaeology ARCS3040 Course
Ethnographic Fieldwork ANTH3090 Course
Evaluating Social Programs SOCY7190 Course
Exhibitions MUSM7006 Course
Field Archaeology ARCS3010 Course
Field Experience in the Social Sciences SOSC3300 Course
Forensics: The Archaeology of Death & Crime Scenes ARCS2003 Course
Frameworking for Community Development Practice SOSC7103 Course
Gender and Development Practice ANTH7160 Course
Global Security CRIM2080 Course
Globalisation & Development in Post-Colonial Societies SOCY2220 Course
Globalisation and Development in Post Colonial Societies SOCY7221 Course
Heritage Field School ARCS2100 Course
Historical Archaeology ARCA2050 Course
Historical Archaeology ARCS2050 Course
Historical Archaeology in Practice ARCA2100 Course
History and Theories of Development SOCY7120 Course
Honours Research Seminar A SOSC6020 Course
Honours Research Seminar B SOSC6021 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOSC6998 Course
Honours Research Thesis CRIM6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARCA6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOCY6008 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANTH6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis CRIM6008 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOSC6996 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARCA6009 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARCA6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANTH6009 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOCY6009 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANTH6008 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOCY6100 Course
Honours Research Thesis ANTH6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis SOCY6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis ARCA6008 Course
Honours Research Thesis CRIM6101 Course
Honours Research Thesis CRIM6009 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A CRIM6006 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A SOCY6005 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A ARCA6005 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A ANTH6006 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A ANTH6005 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A ARCA6006 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A SOCY6006 Course
Honours Research Thesis Part A CRIM6005 Course
Human Bodies, Culture & Society SOCY2190 Course
Human Bodies, Culture & Society' SOSC2190 Course
Human Evolution ARCS3168 Course
Human Evolution ARCS2168 Course
Independent Studies in Criminology Research and Applied Criminal Justice CRIM3050 Course
Independent Study SOCY7000 Course
Independent Study for Anthropology ANTH2210 Course
Independent Study in Criminology CRIM7050 Course
Independent Study in Sociology SOCY3050 Course
Industry Research Thesis CRIM4104 Course
Industry Research Thesis CRIM4101 Course
Inequality, Society and the Self SOCY1070 Course
Introducing Qualitative Research SOCY2049 Course
Introducing Quantitative Research SOCY2339 Course
Introducing Quantitative Research SOCY7339 Course
Introduction to Criminal Justice CRIM7119 Course
Introduction to Criminal Justice CRIM1019 Course
Introduction to Criminology CRIM1000 Course
Introduction to Criminology CRIM7000 Course
Introduction to Health, Illness and Society SOCY1030 Course
Introduction to Professional Practice in Criminology CRIM1111 Course
Introduction to social research SOCY2019 Course
Introduction to Sociology SOCY1050 Course
Learning and Mobilising for Community Development SOSC7113 Course
Lithic Analysis: Current and Future Directions for Research and Heritage Management ARCS2011 Course
Logic of Social Inquiry SOCY6030 Course
Managing Cultural Heritage Places ARCA7002 Course
Managing Cultural Heritage: Ethics, History and Practice' ARCS3118 Course
Media, Culture & Society SOCY2169 Course
Media, Culture &Society SOSC2169 Course
Medical Anthropology: Local and Global Perspectives ANTH2250 Course
Medicine, Markets & Health: Sociological Perspectives on Health & Illness SOCY7109 Course
Medicine, Markets and Health: Sociological Perspectives on Health and Illness SOCY3020 Course
Migration, Culture and Identity ANTH2270 Course
Museum Management MUSM7003 Course
Museum Placement Project MUSM7007 Course
Museum Studies Field School A MUSM7010 Course
Museums: Theory and Practice MUSM7000 Course
Participatory Development Practice SOSC7093 Course
Plants and Archaeology: Food, fuel, foraging and farming in the human past' ARCS2080 Course
Policing and Society CRIM2200 Course
Policing and Society CRIM7200 Course
Policy Development and Practice POLY7002 Course
Policy Development and Practice POLY3000 Course
Predicting the Past ARCA3000 Course
Project SOSC3202 Course
Project SOSC3211 Course
Punishment and Society CRIM2100 Course
Qualitative Research Practice SOCY7049 Course
Qualitative Social Research SOCY3329 Course
Regulation, Investigation and Responses CRIM7090 Course
Research Colloquium SOSC6600 Course
Research, Planning and Design' SOSC3201 Course
Ritual, Religion & Performance ANTH2050 Course
Ritual, Religion and Performance' ANTH3050 Course
Science in Archaeology ARCS2000 Course
Sex, Drugs & Disease: Health of the Marginalised SOCY7179 Course
Sex, Gender and Social Relationships SOCY2050 Course
Social Impact Assessment: applied social research and development SOCY7130 Course
Social Planning for Development SOCY7150 Course
Social Science Honours Research Seminar 1 SOSC6030 Course
Social Science Honours Research Seminar 2 SOSC6040 Course
Social Science Thesis SOSC6100 Course
Social Science Thesis SOSC6700 Course
Social Science Thesis SOSC6710 Course
Social Science Thesis Part A SOSC6101 Course
Society, Challenges and Solutions: Introduction to the Social Sciences' SOSC1000 Course
Sociology of the City SOCY7341 Course
Sociology of the Environment SOCY2020 Course
Survey Methods SOCY7230 Course
The Anthropology of Museums ANTH2208 Course
The Archaeology of Turkey ARCA2130 Course
The Rise & Fall of Maya Civilisation ARCA2040 Course
Theory and Society in the Pacific ANTH2020 Course
Thesis for Master of Social Science SOSC7320 Course
Thesis in Museum Studies MUSM7618 Course
Thesis in Museum Studies MUSM7608 Course
Thesis in Museum Studies MUSM7628 Course
Thinking sociologically: contemporary and classical approaches to social life and social thought SOCY2345 Course
Transformative Economics SOSC7433 Course
Work Integrated Project HHSS6002 Course
World Heritage ARCA7000 Course
Youth and Deviance CRIM2000 Course

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