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Advanced Biostatistics BIOL2106 Course
Advanced Ecology BIOL2910 Course
Advanced Research Experience in Biology BIOL3933 Course
Advanced Science Research Topic in Geographical Science GEOS3401 Course
Analysis & Communication of Biological Data BIOL3360 Course
Animal Behaviour BIOL3207 Course
Applied Marine Science MARS2001 Course
Arthropods & Human Health BIOL3009 Course
Biodiversity & Systematics BIOL3209 Course
Biodiversity and the Environment BIOL1030 Course
Biosecurity Plant Pests: Invertebrates BIOL7013 Course
Biostatistics & Experimental Design BIOL2006 Course
BSc(Hons) Research in Biological Sciences BIOL6501 Course
BSc(Hons) Research in Biological Sciences BIOL6503 Course
BSc(Hons) Research in Biological Sciences BIOL6507 Course
Captive Wildlife Management & Husbandry ANIM7016 Course
Catchment Processes & Management ENVM7201 Course
Catchment Processes & Management ENVM3201 Course
Climate Change & Environmental Management ENVM7205 Course
Climate Change & Environmental Management ENVM3115 Course
Coastal Processes & Management ENVM3200 Course
Coastal Processes & Management ENVM7200 Course
Computational Methods in Biology QBIO7004 Course
Conservation & Agriculture CONS7030 Course
Conservation Planning & Management ENVM3220 Course
Conservation Planning & Management ENVM7202 Course
Critical Thinking & Communication in Biology BIOL6402 Course
Cultural Heritage Management ENVM2008 Course
Earth Processes & Geological Materials for Engineers ERTH1501 Course
Ecology BIOL2010 Course
Ecology & Evolution of Marine Invertebrates BIOL3211 Course
Ecology Field Studies BIOL2015 Course
Environment & Society GEOS1100 Course
Environmental Bioanalytics ENVM3010 Course
Environmental Hazards GEOS7106 Course
Environmental Hazards GEOS3106 Course
Environmental Management Case Studies ENVM4400 Course
Environmental Problem Solving ENVM7512 Course
Environmental Problem Solving ENVM4512 Course
Environmental Science Project ENVM4321 Course
Environmental Systems GEOS2100 Course
Ex-Situ Wildlife Management and Husbandry ANIM2055 Course
Field Geology ERTH2050 Course
Fish, Fisheries & Aquaculture BIOL3340 Course
Foundations in Environmental Studies ENVM7001 Course
Genes, Cells & Evolution BIOL1020 Course
Genes, Cells and Evolution BIOL7020 Course
Geochemistry & Geochronology ERTH3205 Course
Geographical Information Systems GEOM2001 Course
Geographical Information Systems GEOM7005 Course
Global Population Issues GEOG7002 Course
Global Population Issues GEOG2205 Course
Groundwater Processes and Resources ERTH3250 Course
Honours Research Thesis ERTH6507 Course
Honours Research Thesis ERTH6503 Course
Honours Research Thesis ERTH6501 Course
Honours Thesis ENVM4501 Course
Industry Placement ENVM7535 Course
Industry Placement OHSS4012 Course
Industry Placement ENVM3102 Course
Industry Placement OHS OHSS7102 Course
Industry Research Project in Occupational Health & Safety Science OHSS4014 Course
Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS) GEOM2000 Course
Introduction to Earth Observation Sciences (EOS) GEOM7000 Course
Introduction to Environmental Studies ENVM1501 Course
Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety OHSS1000 Course
Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety OHSS7000 Course
Introduction to Research in Biology SCIE3240 Course
Laboratory Skills in Genetic Research BIOL3380 Course
Landscape Ecology ENVM6017 Course
Landscape Ecology ENVM3017 Course
Major Research Project & Seminars CONS7004 Course
Marine Geoscience & Tectonics ERTH3120 Course
Multivariate Data Analysis & Machine Learning in Biology QBIO7002 Course
Northern Tour ENVM7529 Course
Occupational Health OHSS2000 Course
Occupational Health OHSS7003 Course
Occupational Hygiene 1 OHSS3000 Course
Occupational Hygiene 1 OHSS7002 Course
Occupational Hygiene Research Project OHSS7200 Course
Occupational Safety Science OHSS7001 Course
Occupational Safety Science OHSS2001 Course
Physical Ergonomics OHSS3001 Course
Physical-Biological Oceanography MARS3012 Course
Planet Earth: The Big Picture ERTH1000 Course
Pollution Science ENVM3211 Course
Progress in Geography GEOS3103 Course
R and Python for the Life Sciences QBIO7001 Course
Rainforest Conservation CONS7025 Course
Regional Economic Develop Planning GEOG3000 Course
Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning ENVM3103 Course
Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning ENVM7123 Course
Research Design GEOS7001 Course
Research Design GEOS6001 Course
Research Project ENVM7120 Course
Research Project ENVM7121 Course
Research Project ENVM7126 Course
Research Project ENVM7110 Course
Research Project ENVM7125 Course
Research Project ENVM7122 Course
Research project in Quantitative Biology QBIO7008 Course
Research Topic ENVM7109 Course
Research Topic GEOS3400 Course
Research Topic SCIE3230 Course
Science Communication in Quantitative Biology QBIO7006 Course
Sedimentary Basins & Geophysical techniques ERTH3105 Course
Sedimentology & Ancient Environments ERTH2003 Course
Special Project in Biology SCIE3241 Course
Statistical Modelling in Biology QBIO7005 Course
Structural Geology ERTH2004 Course
Thesis ENVM7130 Course
Thesis ENVM7131 Course
Urban Ecology BIOL3030 Course
Wildlife Population Management ANIM3033 Course

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