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Academic English ENGL1101E Course
Academic English ENGL2021E Course
Academic English ENGL1021E Course
Academic English - Foundation Program ENGL2500E Course
Academic English - Foundation Program ENGL1500E Course
Academic English for University Studies ENGL1022E Course
Academic English for University Studies ENGL1002E Course
Academic English for University Studies ENGL1032E Course
Accounting ACCT1101E Course
Accounting ACCT2222E Course
Accounting ACCT1222E Course
Behavioural Science BESC1101E Course
Behavioural Science BESC2021E Course
Behavioural Science BESC1021E Course
Biology BIOL1101E Course
Biology BIOL1222E Course
Biology BIOL2222E Course
Business Management MGTS1101E Course
Business Management MGTS1222E Course
Business Management MGTS2222E Course
Chemistry CHEM1521E Course
Chemistry CHEM1101E Course
Design DSGN1101E Course
Design DSGN1021E Course
Design DSGN2021E Course
Economics ECON1222E Course
Economics ECON1101E Course
Economics ECON2222E Course
General Mathematics MATH2222E Course
General Mathematics MATH1222E Course
General Mathematics MATH1101E Course
Health and Nutrition HLTH1101E Course
Health and Nutrition HLTH2222E Course
Health and Nutrition HLTH1222E Course
Health, Exercise & Diet HLTH1031E Course
Health, Exercise & Diet HLTH1021E Course
Health, Exercise & Diet HLTH1001E Course
Humanities and Social Sciences HUMN1021E Course
Humanities and Social Sciences HUMN1101E Course
Humanities and Social Sciences HUMN2222E Course
Information Technology INFS1021E Course
Information Technology INFS1101E Course
Information Technology INFS2021E Course
Mathematical Methods MATH1102E Course
Mathematical Methods MATH2232E Course
Mathematical Methods MATH1232E Course
Physics PHYS2021E Course
Physics PHYS1021E Course
Physics PHYS1101E Course
Pre-University Behavioural Science BESC1023E Course
Pre-University Behavioural Science BESC1003E Course
Pre-University Behavioural Science BESC1033E Course
Pre-University Biology BIOL1031E Course
Pre-University Biology BIOL1001E Course
Pre-University Biology BIOL1021E Course
Pre-University Business Management MGTS1021E Course
Pre-University Business Management MGTS1001E Course
Pre-University Business Management MGTS1031E Course
Pre-University Chemistry CHEM1501E Course
Pre-University Chemistry CHEM1500E Course
Pre-University Chemistry CHEM1502E Course
Pre-University Economics ECON1031E Course
Pre-University Economics ECON1021E Course
Pre-University Economics ECON1001E Course
Pre-University Mathematics A MATH1021E Course
Pre-University Mathematics A MATH1031E Course
Pre-University Mathematics A MATH1001E Course
Pre-University Mathematics B MATH1032E Course
Pre-University Mathematics B MATH1022E Course
Pre-University Mathematics B MATH1002E Course
Research RESC1031E Course
Research RESC1222E Course
Research RESC2222E Course
Research RESC1021E Course
Research RESC1001E Course
Research RESC1101E Course

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