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Aboriginal Music: Performing, Place, Power & Identity ABTS2102 Course
Aboriginal Politics & Political Issues ABTS3000 Course
Advanced Choral Conducting MUSC7160 Course
Advanced Instrumental Conducting MUSC7170 Course
Applications of Music Technology MUSC7010 Course
Artistic and Musicological Research Methods MUSC7510 Course
Brokering Development MGTS7997 Course
Contemporary Indigenous knowledge, thought and philosophy ABTS2020 Course
Contemporary Indigenous Social Organisation: Identity, family, community, nation ABTS2060 Course
Contemporary Perspectives in Music Education MUSC7180 Course
Creative Practice and Research MUSC4610 Course
Independent Project in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies 2 ABTS2090 Course
Independent Project in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies I ABTS2080 Course
Indigenous Australian Issues: Past, Present, Future ABTS1000 Course
Indigenous Women and Men: Gendered Business ABTS2010 Course
Institute for Social Science Research ISR Institute
International Indigenous Perspectives: Approaches from the Global South ABTS3030 Course
Jewish and Christian Works WCIV1100 Course
Major Themes in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies ABTS7000 Course
Music Education and Psychology Research Methods MUSC7530 Course
Practical Employability Experience PHSS2000 Course
Private Sector Innovation and Sustainable Development MGTS7995 Course
Responsible Data Science DATA7002 Course
School of Communication and Arts SCA School
School of Education SED School
School of English, Media Studies and Art History SEA School
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry HPI School
School of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics SHC School
School of Journalism and Communication SJC School
School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies SLC School
School of Languages and Cultures LCU School
School of Music SMU School
School of Political Science and International Studies SPS School
School of Social Science SSS School
Ten Canoes: Exploring Indigenous Art, Film, Music and Literature Through Iconic Works ABTS1020 Course
The Classical World WCIV1000 Course
Torres Strait Islander Studies ABTS1010 Course
Western Political Thought WCIV2700 Course
Work Placement in Indigenous Australian Studies ABTS3010 Course
Working with Indigenous People ABTS3020 Course

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